A Clean Earth for a Clear Future #SDG13ClimateAction

What is global warming? Did you ever wonder how, when and why global warming started and how it is increasing day by day?

According to all, the most suitable definition to global warming is “The result of increase in earth’s average surface temperature due to greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane. These gases are essential for the presence of human life on earth.”

Global warming has emerged as one of the biggest environmental issues in the last two decades.

According to the recent research and climate studies here are some terrifying facts about global warming:

● Emissions like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and other greenhouses gases will remain in the atmosphere for many years making it impossible to eliminate global warming for several decades.

● Since 1880, the average temperature has risen by 1.4-Fahrenheit degrees.

● According to IPCC 2007 report, sea levels will rise by 7–23 inches by the end of this century due to global warming.

● The last two decades of the 20th century have been hottest in the last 400 years.

● More than 1 million species have become extinct due to disappearing habitats, ecosystems acidic oceans all caused due to global warming.

● The global warming will completely alter the ocean’s conveyor belt which will cause a mini ice age in the Europe.

● Between 2000–2100, the heat-related deaths will rise by 150,000.

Did you know that Styrofoam containers take 50 years to decompose?

And that aluminum can takes up to 80 years, sometimes more? Plastic bottles and tubs are even worse with around 400 years. Can you imagine the effect of and consequences of our behaviors and unconsciousness and what they can do to our environment?

It is our responsibility to stop the effect of global warming, that’s why we should start by small steps, like raising awareness among youth, using materials that doesn’t harm the environment, such as paper bags instead of plastics ones and minimizing the use of electricity for only when it’s needed. Such small steps and actions can make a huge change to protect our planet and leave a clean climate for future generations.

It is your turn now to take a step towards a better world, find out amazing opportunities to fight this issue:

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