What I’ve learned from my travel? #DiscoverAlgeria

AIESEC in Blida
Mar 27, 2017 · 3 min read

What have I learned from my travels?

Travelling to Algeria made me see some new things. Things that are actually quite differents from the ordinary.

First, we all have many talents that are hidden and we just never gave them a chance to go up to the surface. For example, I bet that you can be a good photographer, musician, public speaker, or sales manager because you always had that feeling that you can be one. But you chose to not try any of these positions.
You might say to yourself I never had the chance or I didn’t have enough time. Which can be true but once you let it out and roam free, trust me you’ll be surprised. You have potential. All you have to do is to let it out.

Second, travelling means going out from your comfort zone. Trying new things that might seem weird or irregular, but hey guess what? This will show you that you have no limits and you only trapped yourself inside your mind.

Third, you don’t need everything you think you need, the most important things are some clothes ,a tooth brush, a hair brush, comfy shoes and that’s all.

Fourth, money isn’t a big deal. Trust me, you wouldn’t need a million dollar to see the world. You will need a great adventure’s sense instead and a need for adrenaline. You will find a way to eat, sleep, buy and repeat in very cheap ways.

Fifth, you don’t need a professional camera or a DSLR to take pictures. All you’ll need is a simple camera. It doesn’t matter if it is your phone or a video camera or whatever. You just need a good eye and some practice. After few tries, you’ll get good pictures that will serve you best.
Don’t forget that these pictures are for you so take as many as possible as you can and keep them as a souvenir.

Sixth, you can do it! Whether it’s hiking that mountain or jumping a cliff with a parachute or killing it on the dance floor, you can do it. After all, we regret the chances we didn’t take. So don’t hesitate and make the first step!

Seventh, travelling will lighten up your soul. Just relax let it do what it does and enjoy what you feel. Don’t let some anxious problems take control. Things will go smoothly, eventually just enjoy your moments. Be what you want, do what you can, try what you never tried and live to the max. And once you’re done, you’ll know why some people never settle in one place.

Lastly, it doesn’t matter where you go. It can be the next town or the country nearby. All what matters is that you have enough guts to go out and see.

It starts there and then moves to another place. Go bigger and you will know that it is easier than what you thought. Just let your soul travel.

And you, are you willing to volunteer abroad and have a life changing experience? What are you waiting for?!
Go on
https://opportunities.aiesec.org/ and make your first step to impact our world!

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