Valentin Grigoryevskiy, Business Development Director at AIFORSE Community

Earl T. Barr, Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at UCL

Aurélien Nicolas, CTO at Deckard AI

Jeremias Rößler, Founder of ReTest

I am Software Engineer of Tomorrow:

— I am Knowledge

— I am Additional Value

— I am Automation

— I am Rationale

I am Knowledge — I know…

  • I ask Questions
  • I learn, always
  • I search for existing Solutions, Standards and Best Practices
  • I share my Knowledge and help People learn new

I am Additional Value — I know What

  • I don’t create what is already created
  • I reuse as much as possible
  • I improve
  • I contribute

I am Automation — I know How

  • I am against Routine Work and I don’t do it
  • I value Time
  • I appreciate another’s Work
  • I advocate Optimization/Automation and put it into Practice

I am Rationale — I know Why

  • I generate Alternatives
  • I use Data to drive/prove each Decision I make
  • I use Data to estimate both positive and negative Impact of each Solution I create
  • I ensure all this Data is linked…







  • Maximize Software Engineering Process Automation
  • Maximize Software Engineering Process Manageability
  • Maximize Software Quality
  • Maximize Software Maintainability
  • Maximize Software Adaptivity
  • Maximize Software Autonomy
  • Maximize Software Proactivity
  • Maximize Software Inferential Capability
  • Minimize Software Development Costs
  • Minimize Software Development Time-to-Market

Sudarshan Bhide, CTO & Founding Team Member at Acellere

AIFORSE Community

Collaborate to apply Artificial Intelligence Methods for developing Advantageous Conditions to increase Intensity and Efficiency of Software Engineering

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