BTW to AGR SWAP has started!

Oct 4 · 3 min read

The swap process is very simple!

First, you must be registred on Aigar platform:

Upon registration, a new AGR wallet will be automatically generated for you.

You can also get your wallet at,

Second, from BTW wallet you must send your complete BTW (in one Transaction!) to wallet 6707476010192765779 and put your new AGR address as remark when sending BTW coins. Minimal swap amount is 100 BTW.

After that wait for your AGR coins! It can take several days.

Swap will last 2 months.

ATTENTION: do not write addresses of the Ethereum network, otherwise the funds will be irretrievably lost! Also: If you send below 100 BTW you will NOT receive your Aigar and if you do not put your Aigar address in remark you will not receive your coins!

At the moment, the Bitexbook exchange is ready for the exchange of old coins for new ones. We will report on the process of exchanging coins on other exchanges, as agreed with the administrations of the exchanges. After the swap on all exchanges and the start of trading for new trading pairs, the information on CoinMarketCap will be updated.

Also, you can use Metamask. Metamask is a browser extension and supports Aigar. To connect Aigar with metamask follow these steps:

1. Install Metamask:

2. Create Account
Click on the box in the upper middle (should say: “Ethereum Mainnet”)

To connect Metamask to the Aigar network, add the following informations:
Networkname: Aigar
ChainID: 100
Symbol: AGR
Click on safe. Now you can select Aigar Network and you are ready to go!

Metamask is also available for iOS and Android.

Regarding the Swap, please contact either the mail or the administrators @loomrex @dracoinian @minizmi in our Telegram chat

You can trade AGR/BTC now!


Our telegram chats: — Official chat — Russian local chat — Turkey local chat


Aigar Network Crypto Community

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