Why RomanAtwoodVlogs makes me happy?!

If you don’t know RomanAtwood, you may watch the news about Youtube prankster who pranks his girlfriend by throwing a dummy of his kid from a balcony. This video makes the news not only in the USA but around the world, and crossed the borders from social media and internet newspapers to real newspapers and TVs.

But in this note I’m not going to talk about the pranks, I’m sharing my thoughts about why RomanAtwood makes me happy.

Before three months ago I wasn't very interested in watching Vlogs, I was thinking it is very silly and wasn't able to understand why should I watch someone holding a camera and just speaking about things I’m not interested in, Vlogs are totally random video that I thought I would never be interested in.

This was before I accidentally watched one of Atwood’s Vlog, which was very funny very interesting and very very useful to me. and since this day I’m watching his vlogs daily and waiting every night between 19:00–21:00 GMT, and by wring these lines, I completed watching all his videos on the Vlog Channel.

While watching every vlog I find my self happy, and actually I tried to figure why only this guy’s vlogs makes me happy, and I think now I know why.

Smile More Intro

One of the family

normally and when you are going to be in front of a camera, you may behave differently from usual, but Roman is not, he’s capturing every moment and always sharing every single happy or sad moment, sure without breaking the personal privacy line, In his vlogs I always feel friend to the family who I never even me one of them, and this makes me Feel Happy

Smile More!

This is the main clue, Roman always closes his videos saying “Smile More”, and my beliefs telling me this is the reason, with every moment in his Vlogs, he is smiling, Britt (his GF), Kane and Noah (the boys) their relatives and friends, all the family are smiling, I like this, they are always laughing and smiling, for sure they are not perfect family (because no one is), and sure they are not 24/7 happy family (because they are a family), but they are smiling and this appears in the Vlogs every time. and this makes me Feel Happy.

Roman Inspire and Motivate me

Roman always inspires and motivating me, every night I wait the video for a new portion of motivation and inspiration, sure he makes me like vlogs, and like sharing my life too, I tried and I’ll continue till I make my first vlog hopefully I can make some people happy just like him.

Message to Atwoods

Atwoods, you make me Happy every night and for this, I’m thanking you, and in rewards I’m shouting for SmileMore store you are spreading the smile :D

Last message, I’m RESERVING my Hoodie from now before it’s sold out. ;)

Christmas Tree