AIGO Protocol
Jul 20 · 2 min read

AIGO Protocol (XGO) Final of Tokensale Start now, and don’t forget to invite your friends to join! This is a kind of ‘Flash Sale’ with Big Discounts!

🔹 Trade Available XGO:

🔎 Details about selling tokens:

- Type: Utility
- Price: 1 XGO = 0.0002 ETH / 0.04 USD / (1 ETH = 5500 XGO)
- Sales System: FCFS (First come first Served)
- Indonesian country
- White List / KYC: No.
- Forbidden area: None
- Supply sales: 50,000,000 XGO
- Hardcap: $ 2,000,000 USD
- Starting ICO: Time 00:00 UTC July 20, 2019
- End of ICO: Time 00:00 July 30 2019 (or until the sale runs out)

📘 Note: All public sales tokens will be released simultaneously 2 days after the end of the sale.

Below is the ETH address for XGO tokens purchase, transparent and without fraud in it!


How To buy XGO Public-Sale?

  1. First, you prepare funds on ur wallet to be use buy XGO tokens (1ETH: 5500 XGO)

2. Second, enter your total of ETH and don’t forget to enter the wallet that has been provided to receive payments.

3. Next step, Click “Confirm” to continue purchasing your XGO

4. Congratulations, your purchase of XGO tokens is successful

AIGO Protocol

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$AIGO Protocol Brings Blockchain and Crypto Payments to E-Commerce

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