What is AIgotrekt NFT?

AIgotrekt aims to slowly change the public’s sentiment on AI-generated art, by incorporating both AI renderings, and adding a human element. These human elements may include:

  1. human narrative and copywriting

What started as a one-man experiment is evolving into a platform where both like-minded artists/photographers and AI-art enthusiasts can find an audience and market for the works and interests.

We approach AI as a tool, the same way a painter sees his brush, and a photographer his/her camera. AI art does not have to be lazy and predictable, and pfp art can be beyond generative drawings of animals and anime characters.

AIgotrekt: Genesis

The mechanics

The AIgotrekt projects are currently built using the reliable Niftykit ecosystem, allowing us enough flexibility to put the minting and launch mechanics in our hands. The genesis launch went without any hiccups, as were our ‘Rektlist’ raffle process. Our mintsite was able to handle any traffic, and minting went live at the correct time, before selling about just around 40 minutes later. We implemented Azuki’s ERC721A contract, which meant very cheap gas prices without any transaction errors.

⪢ Here are the currently planned launch mechanics for each AIgotrekt drop: (subject to change)

Genesis = 1000 supply, Rektlist + Public free mint.
Drop 2 = 500 supply, holders of Genesis = free mint, public = 0.01ETH
Drop 3 = 250 supply, holders of Drop 2 = free mint, public = 0.02ETH
Drop 4 = 120 supply, holders of Drop 3 = free mint, public = 0.05ETH and so on.

We will be introducing a simple yet appreciative method in controlling supply for each drop, with the intention of creating more demand and inflationary pricing.

AI-generated Landscapes preview

Bear in mind that these are simply plans, and new utilities could probably be added down the line. These include a burn mechanism to mint, or a custom token to claim future drops. These are more complex contract interactions, and thus require further development and investment.

The community

We are currently Twitter-only, and support has been overwhelming. With only 2 weeks between Premint launching until Genesis mint day and with absolutely no paid shills by influencers and NFT content accounts, it was amazing that we ended up on the #2 spot on icy.tools Trending list, and #1 on Discover.

icy.tools with AIgotrekt

The aim has always been to build an organic community that is 100% committed to the project, so that we can sustain more value over a longer time period, rather than merely being short pumps-and-dumps. We have set-up a Discord, but it is not open to public at the current time, with no plans to be opened anytime soon. Discord management is a full-time job, and I’d rather focus on the creative process that this project demands rather than a Discord server.

Moon Together, Rekt Together.



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