Enter Uber
Scott Galloway

Hey Scott. First, congratulations on predicting the Amazon Whole Foods purchase on ReCode before it happened. That is extremely impressive (perhaps Kara’s omniscience is rubbing off on you).

I have a little bit different take on TK (Travis).

I also wanted to say about Travis. I very much enjoyed your profile. I think that what people are missing is that

although Travis fostered a toxic culture at Uber which has put the company in some respects at the precipice,

and under Travis’ lead Uber has been unable to stem the losses — and that both of these factors is more than

enough reason to fire any CEO — that what Travis has accomplished at Uber is incredibly historic, he’s a

relatively young guy and he can be (re)trained.

Why throw out the baby with the bathwater? How many executives do you know with Travis’ skill level?

Peter Thiel is successful because he takes thoughtful contrarian views. You generally do the same but seem to be spouting the conventional wisdom (which is conventional for a good reason, often it is true) in this instance.

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