The Future of Everything

The Future of Everything: Artificial Intelligence, etc.

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What is Missing in AI from Google, Facebook, Amazon and Uber

Excerpt: “ Search is not just any data, but intent data, which is the key to harnessing it for AI. Every search is an intention. The searcher wants to know, for example, what the upcoming weather forecast is in Cincinnati. Or who are the top prospects currently in the next NFL draft. Or what are some recipes for quiche.

Intention is critical because it provides structure. We all know about structured versus unstructured data (and actually it is a continuum rather than a binary choice). With unstructured data we have to provide structure from the outside in order to harness the power of the data for AI. Otherwise it is, as the famous expression states, only ‘garbage in, garbage out”. Data is a mess if it is unstructured — although machine learning is all about finding structure, that is patterns, where we didn’t know they existed.

So to give a couple of more analogies, if your data is a mess then by going to big data you just create a hot mess (more of the same but at a larger scale). And practice doesn’t make perfect unless your correct your mistakes. Otherwise you just continue the same mistakes for perpetuity.”

The Top Five Technology Trends You Don’t Know Anything About

Excerpt: “ It’s not what you know, it’s what you can successfully apply. I need to know what I need to know — and ignore the rest — but how do I know what that is that I need to know?

Actionable intelligence refers to the ability of AI, and other technologies, to separate signal from noise. This is the definition of efficiency, which is the fundamental pillar of success. Google Search, Amazon Echo, Facebook Messenger and all of the leading technology tools that you use are converging in this space of actionable intelligence.”

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