Participatory Cultures / Term 2 / Blog 1

Blogging Topic:Pick a site from Study and Report Back slide in this presentation that you HAVEN’T been a member of before today. Join site, explore, recount first impressions.

For my choice in website I decided to sign up and try out Digg. The website’s goal is to provide users with interesting and most talked about stories on the internet. It works as an informative news website with all the latest talks, projects and more going on in the world.

My first impression of the website it self is basic. The design is simple and sleek. It was hard to understand at first what the website really is, but from the first impression it seemed like a simple blogging website. Once I read the the About Us page I understood that it is more of a news website rather than a blog.

When I went to sign up for the website I saw that you can only sign up using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account, which I seemed to think is quite inconvenient for people who do not have these accounts and would be forced to either make one or not sign up for Digg at all. This is a downside for them as they could have more viewers on their website if they allowed people to sign up using their email addresses. I decided to sign up using my Facebook account.

As I browsed through the website I noticed that it is quite easy to find specific categories of news you want to view as the main ones the website covers are all listed at the top of the website just below the logo.

The website content itself is quite informative and entertaining. Some of it might be slightly strange for this website as it seemed more of a technology related and based site, rather than just loads of different topics.

The website also has a video section where you can find different posted news and articles, but instead of reading these posts will be videos for you to watch. This feature I think is quite nice as it adds a bit more interaction and a more fun way for people to learn about new technologies and news rather than having to just read long articles about them.

The website also has a store where they sell lots of different merchandise, however as I noticed mostly aimed at younger viewers or those with interest in pop culture, computer technology and gadgets. This website can be quite useful for people looking for items hard to find elsewhere.

Overall, the website to me seemed quite nice and enjoyable to scroll through. I mostly enjoyed watching the videos rather than reading the articles as I learn and understand things better from hearing and seeing rather than reading. I liked the website design as it was simple and it is easy to find the right links that you need without having to go through many drop down lists or pages to find what you are looking for. I would myself only use the website if I am bored and just want to read or watch something interesting. It wouldn't be a website that I would check every day. I feel as though it is slightly too generic for me as it would get too repetitive to always have to scroll through hundreds of posts.

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