Participatory Cultures / Term 2 / Blog 2

Blogging Topic: What is the most effective method you can think of for finding and building an online community?

Online communities are what makes the web today what it is. Practically every major website on the internet now is more or less a social community as most of those websites allow people to create profiles and interact with other users in different ways such as commenting and sharing information to each other.

To build a useful and effective community online, there must be a topic or reason for people to join into and be part of that community. It is important to find something that many people can relate to wanting to do together. For example a community can be a place where people can share their photos and views on different parks in the country. It must be an idea that can attract people who are interested in talking about that topic but also people that could learn from reading and looking at what others have posted about that topic.

In my opinion an effective way to build an online community is to allow people to be able to talk to each other and share ideas and thoughts using content such as text, images, videos and more. Using this type of content can attract lots of different views into a community. Sharing and using social media, talking about it with friends, co-workers and family can also increase the number of people that would use the online community.

To build the community it is important that there is a topic that will connect all the people together to be part of it. It also needs to be a topic that can be spread quickly by word of mouth, social media and such. The topic needs to be something entertaining, mostly a hobby or a way of living for people. For example you can have a huge community of people who enjoy a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the gym and discussing it with other people, sharing tips, ideas, tricks and more.