Web Development Workshop / Blog 1

During the first part of this project I will be creating a one page website which will cover a cause that I care about and wish people to gain more knowledge or awareness of that cause.

The first thing that I have decided to do while preparing for this project was to think and decide on some causes I can work on and then decide which one I want to really focus on for my final site. I decided to create a small list/diagram that shows how I expanded into different areas that I would be interested in covering. I wanted to try and expand each topic as much as I could so that it will be easy for me to decide which cause to go for and understand what parts of that cause I should cover.

Here you can see my ideas that I have noted down and from these I decided that I will be focusing my main cause on Environment and I will focus on protecting Wildlife and the environment they live in. I have chosen this cause as it is something that I have always believed needs to be brought up more as most people tend to ignore it as it does not affect them in anyway, however they do not realise that the Earth’s wildlife is decreasing mostly due to the human expansion to new areas and the constant requirement for land, wood, materials, etc.

I have decided to make the one page website as an awareness to our wildlife and how it has changed over the years and what has caused it harm. On my website I will show people that wildlife needs to be protected and why it is so important that we try and save and keep wildlife alive to future generations, while mostly it is part of nature and it is something that must be treasured, protected and respected.

I will be focusing on trying to get my point across I will try and talk about a specific topic/ story within the wildlife cause to get it more personal for the audience in a way where they can see how it has truly affected the wildlife.

For my design I want to keep it simple, using light colours to ensure that the reader gets more attracted to the content of the page rather than the design itself. As images speak more than words, especially when it comes to serious issues, human’s feel more emotions when they can see something rather than just read, thus, I will be aiming to make my design more visual with the use of images as backgrounds and more visual interpretations to show people what point I am trying to get across.

I have made a couple of sketches for the ideas I had for my designs. I drew a couple quick wire-frames to just get an idea of what I would want the website to look like and to see if that would be an effective way to create it.

Using these sketches I will take the parts I believe are the best and make the design that will fulfil my website’s needs.