AIHT: A hub where Students Experience Exposure to Advanced Studies

With increase is the demand for professional hospitality education, especially the Hotel Management course & Travel and Tourism Management course, there has been a rise in the development of various Hotel Management institutes as well as the Tourism & Travel Management colleges in India. One of the esteemed educational brands in Delhi-NCR, Asian Education Group (an initiative of Marwah Studios), has redefined academic excellence in the field of hospitality through its hospitality school with the name of Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism (AIHT).

Along with its partner institute AAFT, one of the best hotel management institutes in Delhi-NCR offers multi-disciplinary programs in Cinema and Performing Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication, Animation & Multimedia, Fashion and Jewellery Design, and Advertising, AIHT offers programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level across two main streams — Hotel Management and Travel & Tourism. Students of AIHT get many opportunities to learn, practice and gain hands-on experience by participation in global level events organized by Marwah Studios and AAFT, such as Global Journalism Festival, Global Film Festival, Global Literary Festival and Global Fashion Week. All these festivals are based on different theme set-ups. A lot of well-known guests and celebrities are invited in these events that give boost to our students.

The common link in events like these is hospitality services. Students, both from Tourism and Hotel Management disciplines, are given an equal opportunity to participate in the events. Right from guests’ welcome to catering and buffet arrangement, as well as serving the media personalities and VIP guests, everything is handled in-house by our hospitality students.
Asian Institute of Hospitality and Tourism provides the highest level of education and training to the all the students, where there is good integration of active learning and work. The hotel management courses helps in their skill development. In addition, the in-house exposure allows them to gain real-world job experience. In addition to that, the college also imparts external exposure in the form of various hotel visits, short trips to places of cultural heritage, outdoor catering, etc. to the students to prepare them for the industry and its functioning.