Accepting My Own Type

A few years ago I took Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. The result said I’m an ENTJ person. It said I’m a commander type. After reading reading some internet pages about this personality. I conclude my self. I decline the result. I don’t really like commander type. They probably a natural-born leaders but I couldn’t picture my self to get along with them.

One significant factor why I don’t like ENTJ people is their weakness. They tend to be arrogant and stubborn. Two traits that I hate the most. I don’t think I can’t have long-time relationship with this kind of bad personalities.

However, the more I read about “this commander type” the more I realized I’m actually one of them too. I even could recall some people around me complain about my bad habits that is similar to “this commander type”. After some thinking I accept the test result.

I don’t fully agree with all the results said. But I know I need to fix my self. Well, after all those complaints I really need to do something. Like fixing my way of answering people’s question.

I know there are no perfect human being in this world. But I realized being a good person is not a bad idea.

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