7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More (and How to Start)
Evan Sinar

Nice work Evan, thanks. Many/most of the the Parallel Coordinates (||-coords) applications so far are at an elementary level. Yet the patterns for RELATIONAL information are much more compact, aesthetic and informative than the bunches of polygonal lines. Please see

 Among others this book was praised by Stephen Hawking who attended my lectures at Cambridge. The multidimensional visualization methodology described has been widely applied to the exploration and classification of real multivariate(some with hundreds of variables) datasets with stunning results (Ch. 10). There are other applications to Automatic Collision Avoidance for Air Traffic, Decision Support for Complex Systems, Multiobjective Optimization, Network Topology Visualization and Analysis, Intelligent Process Control. The patterns representing multivariate/multidimensional RELATIONS provide a Topology for Proximity leading towards the visualization of BIG DATA.
 Alfred Inselberg, Professor
 School of Mathematical Sciences
 Tel Aviv University
 Senior Fellow in Visualization at the San Diego Supercomputing Center

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