China Camp.Travel. Life Lessons…

“The moment I with my friends in center of night Beijing running back to Friendship (hotel) .It was raining and we were happy after shopping. Smile of my friends. I have loved my friends in my group and our companions. “

Coming the new year..After few days will end this year and will leave memories of 2016 , but traveling into other country that is what I will never forget. This two weeks travelling abroad give me a lot of knowledge about another country that is nearby my country . I saw everything with my eyes. Feeling culture of world most hardworking people, trying their traditional foods, visiting the most popular place as forbidden city ,Great wall and many others. Also I met a lot of people and made friends .

Feeling myself as a traveler is the best sense of my child time, when with my family I had trips in various places of my sweet homeland. Travelling is always for me discovering new world. I feel myself that it is not only place that I will visit.This time I travelled with my sister Altynai . It is great to journey together with close person. We were full of emotions and back to our dorm with Altynai. As I remembered our companions said to us write our impressions about first day in China. I wrote without waiting:

3 August .2016. China

This day was full of colorful and positive impressions. All because of we saw beautiful views birds-eyes under us and after successful landing to Urumqi. We were greeted with smiles of Chinese and it can be determined with the help of flags that read ‘’Welcome to China!’’, “Summer camp of Kyrgyz students in China!” We saw wonderful and pretty clean streets, high buildings. We visited one of the most popular parks in Urumqi, Sin Sian museum, corporate TREA and had lunch in Chandi Street. Also we saw dinosaur exhibition. Besides we met different people. Everyone liked something a lot. For instance, my sister liked the view in the park. Although for me the Chinese History Museum leaved more impression. I love to visit cultural places. To conclude I am very grateful to the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan and for the fact that organized this trip. I think that we are waiting for a lot of things this is only the beginning of our journey!

Now you are imagine how cool was it in addition that it was just first day.! Next days was more interesting and exciting because we were in the capital of China Beijing and . I got know that in total in camp about 100 students . We communicate a lot each day. It was great to talk and exchange knowleges with bests of Kyrgyzstan. During our driving into next tour our friendly guides teached us Chinese language. Moreover knowing English language is helpful everywhere, thanks for my English teachers:).I could freely communicate with saleswomen. Some of them asked ‘’Where are you from? Are you native?”.It was great to help guys If they needed help. So I can say I practice pretty enough. A total I had fun with this crazy and interesting guys.

It was a lot to learn from Chinese. As far as I am concerned every nation has their highlight and I surely can say that they are very peaceful and patient. When we visited in Beijing workshop of traditional arts and crafts there masters show me how to make traditional bracelet. I was confused, because its difficult Chinese knots. You know. Impatiently, I said “I had never got it”. Then I saw hands. I looked up and it was old master .He explained that all I need it patient and desire. His words let me to the thoughts that it is same to the real life because in life we had difficult times when we give up .I learned to be more patient.

Besides much entertainment I had one more life lesson on Great wall. The weather in Beijing was stuffy and every time makes you feel thirty. Despite all these disagreeable we started our claiming to Great Wall. There were a lot of tourists. It’s no wonder that everywhere in China a lot of a long queue. Our favorite Laushi(teacher) told us that it is a custom that you get at least a fifth of the tower you will be well done. We do not even realize on what agreed. With each step became more and more difficult.We sweat tech and have continued to move in unison with our group. I feel my pulse quickened and now here I want to stay but I noticed a little girl stubbornly goes ahead. She inspired me and I kept walking. In the end who came felt as winners. And we laughed and said we are now well done and looked at the beautiful view from here. We did not relax too much because we had little time we had to go down and buy souvenirs. Everything was going at a fast pace that has taught us all the responsibility and punctuality. And our group has been very successful throughout the camp. And our favorite Laushi for our success sang Soviet songs “Katyusha” in Russian and Chinese. She has glorious voice. It was a real example of leader. We loved her all. When the roads were traffic jams on the bus she arranged talent shows. It was very funny. Consequently from her I got most information about Chinese people’s republic.This challenge teach me to be more stable and stronge.

It was very hard to say goodbye. It was very emotional time when we gave away our turns at airport on account that we do everything to be together a little longer .We hugged, did last selfie and went . There was our parents and they cannot imagine how much their children changed.

Now I am watching to red-yellow bracelet .Little memory from my wonderful journey. Red color always reminds me to be hardworking, never-give-up person and yellow color associated with hot summer camp in China and my friends. I would refer this experience into creative because when you see other place that differ from your country you got ideas to improving it in education and even clean streets. In future I will get good education, will travel all over the world and ought to make my parents life better. I want to travel and back home to develop it. I love languages. In coming future it would be great to learn French and Spain. For New Year I just want to believe in miracles. I wish that my dreams will come true. I feel myself as I am ready to get thorough knowledge at university and shine when time will come…

To conclude,cultural and educational in China has been a great experience. By seeing other culture and participating in special events, I became better at traveling and I am now more comfortable starting conversations with people. In return, I was able to practice my English.