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George Goehl and Ai-Jen Poo at the Phenox, AZ airport as part of their six day, six state journey to uncover the #BestOfUS2016.

One Small Request Before the Polls Close

Love and hope are the remedy for hate and cynicism. That’s why we’re asking you to join #BestofUS2016.

This election season has raised the stakes for our communities, our country and our democratic future. Unprecedented levels of income and social inequality have created a divisive and highly polarized political environment. At the same time, in local communities, people are organizing and working together across race, class and generations to make life better in America. They are organizing to raise wages, create dignified work, and make both our economy and democracy work for all of us.

We are getting married on November 19. But we believe our communities have too much at stake for us to sit on the sidelines. That’s why we’re on a six day, six state journey visiting key states to lift up the unsung heroes and heroines of this election. They make our democracy great through everyday acts of courage, from their neighborhoods and workplaces to the voting booth. That’s why, as we’ve travelled from Nevada to Arizona and Colorado to Florida and now on to New Hampshire, we’ve used the hashtag #BestofUS2016 to elevate the people we’re meeting and the stories they’re telling. We’ve found these people and their stories to be a much-needed source of hope, connection, and love during a dark moment in American political life.

In the closing hours of this election, we invite you to join us and share your own stories about the #BestOfUS2016 on social media. Whether it’s a story from your community, a quote that gives you inspiration, a photo of your family or kids, or an article about your community, let’s lift up what matters most — the fact that we are in this together, trying to create positive change despite the hateful rhetoric dividing us. Our hope is that by doing so we can generate energy that melts cynicism and pave a positive path forward no matter the outcome on Election Day.

While we know many of you are busy in the field, and time is of the essence, we encourage you to participate as soon as you are able. We’ve included sample tweets below, but again, we’d love to see what you come up with. We will also be hosting a twitter chat from 4pm to 5pm EST Tuesday to talk about what we’ve been seeing on the road and hear from you about what you’ve seen as well before we all watch the results of this decisive election come in.

Here are some sample tweets that you can share:

In an #election that has left many of us feeling dispirited, what stories give you hope for the future of our democracy? #BestOfUS2016

Politicians don’t make America great, the people do. Who are the people you know that are building a brighter future? #BestOfUS2016

In an #election dominated by hate and fear, where have you seen love at work? #BestOfUS2016

Despite the divisive rhetoric in this #election, more unites us than divides us. How have you found connection with others? #BestOfUS2016

When we vote today, we vote for the future. Share a photo of your children and your hopes for them and for our country. #BestOfUS2016

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