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Hello! I am a data science leader and business coach who helps individuals and small businesses grow in the new world of AI so that they can be successful and joyful.

As a graduate of Stanford and UCLA, I've worked in high tech and Silicon Valley internet tech businesses for 27 years. I was a data science leader at the LinkedIn company (part of Microsoft) for 12 years, with specialization in marketing and online ads.

My new mission is to enable individuals and small businesses to grow and thrive in the new world of AI, so that they can be successful and joyful. As a data science leader, I am now also a writer, coach, speaker, instructor, and entrepreneur. Visit my AI Jimmy website to learn more.

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Website: AI Jimmy with contact info

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Jimmy Wong

I write on AI, careers, business, and life wisdom. Silicon Valley data science leader with 12 yrs experience at LinkedIn. https://linktr.ee/aijimmy