Aiken Pitchmen
Feb 18 · 2 min read

Hello Jerry,

Thank you for your comments and voice. Although I believe I’ve addressed in the article and in several other responses, I am not claiming that the left is free of blame. I’m not claiming that the left is free of echo chambers, which I state directly in the text. I’ll even level with you further, I am certain the that far left, as well as the far right, are not the correct direction of either political group.

The difference I am remarking is the political groups themselves, not necessarily their supporters. The Democratic party, for the time being, is controlled by considerably more centrist figures than the Republican party. The asinine narrative that is propagated by right wing news sources, such as Fox news, has manifested itself in the party itself. To claim that the Democratic party has fallen down an equivalent path would be a gross exaggeration. Are their politicians that are moving the left in this direction, yes. Politicians such as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Sanders are, both of whom I disagree with on many points.

I find it pertinent to mention that the Democratic Party attempts to address actual problems in the United States. I went into details on this idea in a previous response in this article. I welcome you to read it and respond to it.

Finally, as for conversations on Twitter, I patently explained that political discussions on internet forums “… further segregate us by ideology”. I’m sure, without even reading your exchange of 280 characters, that you face opposition on Twitter, the shining beacon of political dialogue.

On a final note, I disagree with my dad. This has little influence on my affection or relationship with the man. Perhaps this is a maxim that needs to be more widely adopted.



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