The Adventures of Lost Larry

The Adventures of Lost Larry

Tommy’s Terrible Tummy

Written By

Aikido Sticatto

Chapter 1

Class Clowns

Everyone in the town of Papoloza knew to stay away from Tommy Turner. He was a big fella with a biiiiiggg problem. He loved to eat. Normally, eating is never a problem. But Tommy ate everything: Food, animals, and books. Some people say he even eats buildings when he gets really hungry. Everyone in Papoloza called him Tommy Tummy.

Larry had just moved to Papoloza two weeks ago and already the kids in his new school were telling him about Tommy Tummy. Larry was nine and in the third grade. He sat at a table with two other boys and a girl. At first, that was weird he thought to himself. Everyone sat at his or her own desk in his old school. But, after the first week, he didn’t mind the new seating arrangement. He actually thought it was pretty cool because it gave him a chance to talk to his new friends at the desk. There was Nicholas; Larry noticed right away that he was pretty tall to be in third grade and he really loved his black spider hero belt. He wore it every day and made believe it gave him special powers to climb and swing on the monkey bars at recess.

Then there was Pierre. Pierre was really funny. He would make the funniest faces when you least expected it. More than once, one of Pierre’s funny faces caused Larry to laugh so hard that Ms. Davis stopped writing on the board and asked Larry if he needed a timeout in the hallway.

Last but not least, was Sarah. She was the smartest girl he had ever met. She was also pretty funny. Sarah would sometimes compete with Pierre in a funny face contest. She was also pretty fast. Sara raced everyone in the class and beat them all except for Larry. They didn’t race yet. Larry promised himself he would race her one day.

“Hey Larry, did you hear about Tommy Tummy?” Nicholas asked.

“Yeah Larry, what do you know about him?” Pierre asked

“I hope you can run really fast.” Sarah said. “Because you’re a goner if he gets close to you.”

“Yeah, he eats kids. Nicholas said.

“And cars and helicopters.” Pierre said.

“Is that a joke? How can you guys believe that?” Larry responded.

“Well, I’m a girl and I believe it.” With the funniest face ever, Sarah acted as if she was eating something huge and began rubbing her belly once she finished. “Don’t let that be you Larry. Then you will be lost Larry and we’ll be telling your story to other new kids that move here.”

“Well, you can believe that stuff if you want to. I’m going to look for Tommy Tummy and see how true these big fat lies are. Do any of you even know where he’s at? Have any of you ever seen him before? Who’s coming with me this weekend?”

The whole table was in disbelief. Was Larry serious? Everyone in Papoloza knew to stay away from Tommy Tummy.

“That’s a crazy idea. Tommy once ate a horse and a cow for breakfast. Imagine what he would do to one of us.” Pierre said.”

“No way!” Nicholas said loudly enough for Ms. Davis to hear.

“Nicholas Swanson! Are you interrupting my class?”

“No. No way Ms. Davis. I was just telling my table here that there’s no way we weren’t all going to study hard together and pass the test on Friday.”

“Very well Nicholas. Control yourself, and class, always remember, Study, study, study. The best buddy is a study buddy.” She said and then turned to write on the board.

Ms. Davis thought that was a great line. She had the children say it at the end of every school day. She even made them fill out a study buddy log once a week. Pierre and Sarah would say it while making the funniest faces. Yesterday, Pierre stuck two fingers in one nose hole and held one eye open really wide with his other hand. Larry almost fell out of his chair with laughter.

“So, are you guys coming or what?” Larry said in a whisper.

Sarah grabbed her hair and started twirling it. (That’s what she always does when she’s thinking) She looked right at Larry and whispered, “Well, I never saw Tommy Tummy. So I guess I’ll go with you.” Suddenly, she leaned forward, grabbed Larry’s arm and made a funny eating sound. The quick movement startled Larry and he jumped. Nicholas and Pierre giggled softly. “Besides, if he eats you, someone has to tell the adults what happened to you.” She said while giggling with the boys.

“Well, I’m not going.” Said Nicholas.

Pierre looked right at Nicholas. “Are you kidding me? You have the spider hero belt and matching glasses. We need you.”

“So you’re also coming?” Larry and Sarah said at the same time with a smile on their faces to Pierre.

“Sure. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I just hope Tommy misses us. Well, that just leaves you Nicholas. I hope you’re not a chicken.”

“Of course not! I just don’t think it’s a good idea. Besides, none of us even know where to find Tommy Tummy.”

“I think he’s chicken if you ask Me.,” Said Sarah to Pierre. “What do you think Larry?”

“I really don’t like calling people names, but I think I do see a few feathers on him.”

Pierre did a funny chicken dancing skit and they all started to laugh; even Nicholas. But then, Pierre made a really funny chicken sound that no one had ever heard before. Sarah bit on her school book to hold in her laughter and Larry stuffed his mouth with a piece of sandwich he had hiding in his desk. He hoped that would stop him from laughing. It didn’t. In fact, he couldn’t hold his laughter no matter how hard he tried.

Finally, the laugh he tried so hard to hold in, erupted, the sandwich shot out of his mouth and landed on the student’s table across from him. The girls at that table let out a loud scream when the sandwich pieces landed in front of them. Once Nicholas saw what happened, he laughed so hard that boogers flew out of his nose and landed on Larry. Now everyone in the class was laughing and Ms. Davis was not one bit happy.

“Class. Class.” She said twice but the children kept laughing.

Larry looked at the boogers on his arm and was grossed out. The school book was out of Sarah’s mouth and she was laughing so hard at Larry, that her stomach started to hurt.

“Oh yeah,” Larry said to her, “take that.” And he rubbed his booger arm on her and now she had the boogie cooties as well.

“AHHHHHH!” she screamed. The entire class laughed even louder and Ms. Davis yelled at the top of her lungs, “Claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssss! Enough!”

No one had ever heard Ms. Davis yell before.

“The entire class has detention tomorrow! There will be no recess at lunch. You will all write 550 times “Class is no place to laugh”.” The whole class quieted down. Now they were all saddened. No one wanted to be in the room with Ms. Davis when they didn’t have to be there.

“Now back to the lesson, and I warn you all, another disruption, and this class will have detention for one whole week. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Ms. Davis.” The class answered in unison.

“Wow. She’s really tough.” Larry said to the kids at his table.

“Yeah, maybe one day she’ll bump into Tommy tummy and he will eat her.” Said Pierre.

“No way” said Larry, “He’d probably get sick with mean-itus and spit her out.”

They all laughed quietly and agreed to meet up on Saturday to find Tommy Tummy. Boy, were they in for a surprise.

Chapter 2


Larry, Pierre, and Sarah were all waiting by the giant oak tree at the entrance of Sleepy Man Park. “Do you think Nicholas is really going to come?” asked Larry. “You guys know him a lot longer than I do?”

“He will come. Let’s give him a few more minutes.” Pierre said.

“Yeah, There’s no way he wants to be known as a chicken.” Said Sarah.

“I did some research and I found out that the last person to supposedly see Tommy Tummy was a man named Mr. Magpotty.”

“Are you serious Larry? Mr. Magpotty is even crazier than Tommy Tummy. He turns little kids into pets and keeps them locked away in his house. There’s no way we are going to see Mr. Magpotty! No way!” said Pierre.

“You guys sure have a lot of tall tales for this little county you live in. These stories are like badly written fairy tales. How could you believe in this stuff?” Larry looked right at Sarah and asked, “Sarah do you believe in the Mr. Magpotty story?”

“I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never seen him or Tommy Tummy. I don’t know what to believe. That’s why I’m out here with you now. I want to know the truth.”