AI Superpowers is one of the latest non fiction bestsellers that you can find online and it’s designed with a true focus on excellence, up to date analysis and great attention to detail. The book is designed to showcase just how pivotal this new breed of Silicon Valley and China startups is. Despite the hype AI and its tremendous power that can be harnessed by all kinds of companies and in AI Superpowers you will notice that Kai-Fu Lee, the author, is portraying these global efforts to improve AI as a zero-sum game.

What should you know about Kai-Fu Lee?

Data science conferences provide you with a great way to boost your skills and meet new industry professionals. However, since there are so many of them, it can be very hard to figure out which are the right ones to attend. That being said, it’s important to plan and figure out which are the right conferences you need to check out this year.

Why should you attend data science conferences?

The primary benefit is that you get to learn how to enter the field and you can also adapt to the ever-changing trends. …

With 5G, devices will be better able to communicate with each other

Our society is on the brink of yet another technological revolution. We have the means and tools to take all of this to the next level, all we are missing are the right tools to make this process worthwhile. All we need is a way to marry data computation and collection with the huge range of devices on the market. We need a powerful and reliable network, and that’s where 5G comes into play.

5G in a Big Data World

The reason why 5G in a Big Data World matters is because 5G is a lot more than its predecessors…

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