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Aikya Param is a licensed minister, a visual artist, and writer.

There is good and I should have it

From “The Secrets of Eldridge Street Synagogue’s East Rose Window” by Susan Xu and Michelle Young from the website. The photographer is not designated.

In her course Money, Mysticism, and Miracles, encouraged students to look up, literally, for ten minutes a day. We were to look up 45 degrees beyond people, places and things, become aware of the presence of God, and open to inspiration and guidance. From the chair where I like to drink my morning coffee, when I look up, I see the sky, often blue in March, and I am ready.

On her website , she says,

“Looking up” means more than just being optimistic, looking up…

allows us to see the vastness of…

Weed out mistaken ideas and let truth grow free

From website I

Look back to winter wind and rain
Look forward to flowers fragrance and hue
And know that fruit is the future.

Amidst the obvious abundance in nature
Was it a near forgotten time
That I decided that it was true
That there is not enough for me
And have held on to the idea
Holding myself back from thriving?

Working with my mind’s a lot
Like gardening. I need to get
My trowel and dig out trashy thoughts
Like this and make a hole to plant
A flowering, fragrant tree I smile at. …

But walking and riding happen anyway

Crab Cove Visitor’s Center, Alameda, CA, SF Bay Trail. . Nathan Tsang, Photographer

Binoculars and smart phone with me, I’m out exploring But the Shoreline Trail is closed. Yet people and dogs walk the path And properly helmeted riders fly by on fancy bicycles: Father and son, mother and daughters. The Nature Center is closed, a pointy sixties modern With fine facilities, is closed. I snap photos with my phone, distracted and drawn By tiny flowers on the ground, And the phone app tells me the names in Latin and English Along with uses and how to grow Them as well as warnings of leaf-eating things living there, Spoiling their allure for gardeners…

Better than lightfast

Walking path along the San Francisco Bay,,

So radiant the blue of sky and sea
Edging and arching over Powell Street
The air washed clear by March’s rain
And California grass once gold in summer
Is green and bright as the blue of the sky.
People with their baby carriages
With curious toddlers, playful dogs,
And old folks like me with my cane
Made joyful by the sparkling of the sea
Edged by the silhouette of the San The
Francisco Skyline explore, walk,
And run to and from the marina. …

All that the Father has is mine. John 15:16

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” Rev 3:30

I look at the strong belief in poverty I have for myself. As a minister I can tell you how God intends every good thing for me, has all abundance prepared for me — and I know that’s true. I am open to see and release the nothingness of this wrong idea of poor, poor me.

I saw today that at some point I turned away from appreciating the luxurious generosity of God. I even turned off my love for God!

Jesus and I were loving friends when I was a…

SURPRISE! We’re here to say YES!

Photograph by from

Some time after the disappearance of our former publication Picture Your Bodacious Self — hmm, where could it have gone? —we are here to TOOT THE TRUMPETS over our reincarnated Medium mag called

And what exactly do we mean by treasure? Not gold, silver, or gems. (No! Lost out again?) The high value is uniqueness. All sorts of people, places, things, dreams, and memories in your life are unusual and precious. Send us words about your wild and unique moments.

Did you remember — this is the place you stashed your magic wand and your…

Surprise on a walk in Golden Gate Park


From 25th Avenue I went on my walk
On a day when magic and silver fog
Wrapped around the trees and I.

Bagpipe music led my eyes
To a man in kilt and plaid.
He played a tune for Little People
Who danced by the dozens at his feet.

Portrait photos of Toni Morrison and James Baldwin
Portrait photos of Toni Morrison and James Baldwin
Toni Morrison and James Baldwin, photograph from the announcing a 2020 event featuring their work.

Support of poet friends for each other

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