The emergence of artificial intelligence has created trends that facilitate efficiency across industries. The manufacturing industry, with its rather traditional operations and conducts, cannot afford to shy away from the disruption of AI trends. This is because the industry needs to be more effective and efficient in producing and delivering outcomes. We instantly think about factories and big physical machinery when manufacturing comes to mind. As the world is going digital, we now see the implementation of digital twins technology and Internet of Things (IoT) to accommodate successful predictive maintenance.

Our CEO Bobby Bahov chatted with Professor Giuseppe Mascarella about…

AI, humans, and art

How does the combined creativity of a human and an AI for works of art sound? Well, a case in point is the mind-bending AI art application that can turn your simple sketches into photorealistic images. This article is part of the blog series, AI for content generation, where we take a look at some highlights in AI and its ability to create various forms of content ranging from written text to audio-visual forms.

Earlier this month, we’ve witnessed AI generating paragraphs of texts, one word after the other.

But even before that NVIDIA’s GauGAN was introduced. The AI tool

AI-first companies are new players on the rise. Nowadays, delivering value through systems of intelligence provides a key success in optimizing services. Industries are changing and becoming more competitive in delivering solutions to customers. Entrepreneurs need to consider current technological trends when developing new services. Meanwhile, incumbent companies often need to remodel their entire systems to suit current trends.

And that’s exactly what AI-first companies offer.

AI-first companies was the topic of a recent episode of The Twenty Minute VC. Ash Fontana, the managing director at Zetta Venture Partners, was the guest star. Together with the host, he indulged in…

We have witnessed artificial intelligence’s ability to generate content again and again. This time by inputting just a few words of prompt, a language model experiment,, can complete your sentences and create coherent paragraphs of text one word at a time. This article is a part of the blog series, A.I. for content generation, where we’ll take a look at some highlights in A.I. and its ability to create various forms of content ranging from written text to audio-visual forms. was released on November 5, 2019, by Adam D. King as his latest experiment. It’s a great demonstration…

How can we use technology for exponential growth? Can IoT and AI help in decision making? How can we automate business processes using AI? What to do and how to process large quantities of data business, governments, and organizations have? All of these questions, and more were addressed at our latest event.

People networking before the first talk during the event. Hosted in The Hague Tech, located in the heart of the innovation ecosystem of The Hague

On Thursday, December 6th, Impact City, AI LAB and Be a Riot Media hosted an evening full of laughs, learning, and community building. An event discussing applications of exponential technologies on business and how they help in creating value for business and citizens.

What is exponential technology?

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