My friend out of the blues asked me that why i want to start my own business at the age of 14 … more precisely she said :

Why ruining your best years of life “hustling” when you should be “enjoying” , don’t be carzy, try to live life a bit .

I wasn’t shock to hear her say this because she is not the first person who said me to stop “hustling” . But I’m shocked to know that she think I’m not enjoying it , that I’m not “living” my life .

Tired boots of hearing people say you are too young for this stuff , but i don’t think that age matter if you are a born seller . My whole 5 to 6 years I’ve been good at selling things . And that’s something i know is my passion , but like every other person it does cross my mind too that :

What if it’s not for me ??

Gary Vaynerchuk you always say that others opinion does not matter but for some reason it does raise a question in my mind , I’m still hustling but sometimes i do think what if it’s not meant for me ? Does having these questions in my mind a wrong thing ?