Just how I truly wish

I wish I can be like her.

I wish I can also hold your hand,

I wish I can kiss your forehead like she does,

I wish I can walk with you in the shore.

How I wish there can be you and me,

How I wish you’ll love me,

How I really wish you are mine,

Just how I really wish we could be fine.

I really wish I could tell you more,

More of the feelings that I’m so sure.

I would always say never,

Never to give up 'til I call it forever.

But I wish to see you smile,

I wish that smile was mine.

But if she wishes more than I do for you,

Then lucky her for having you a man in blue.

What am I gonna do?

To let you go,

Even when I know,

You can’t love me the way I love you.

So now go.

But I wish I could find someone like you once again.

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