You’re Gay, So What?

by A.S.E.

You’re gay, so what?

I’m not going to tell you how to live

But that man over there might

He might tell you:

No makeup, that’s gay

No flowy clothes, that’s gay

No tight shirts, no cuddling, nothing

That’s gay.

But isn’t that the point?

Aren’t you gay?

Yes, this hate hurts

It burns like a UTI.

But when you see your love,

Joy fills your heart like a fart fills a windowless, doorless room

But in like, a good way.

So yes, you are gay

But that’s not the issue

The hate is.

I want this hate to leave like that one pen you used for forever but you let someone borrow it

and they “don’t have it”

Yeah right dude, but you can keep the pen

Keep that hate over there

Not only do I have a new love pen

I also have a sketchbook lover I can use the pen on

So you’re gay, so what?

As long as you don’t touch my art supplies, we’re good