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She said something that pushed a hot button, and next thing you know, blind rage takes over.

Words are exchanged and within a matter of seconds, you’ve made the switch from protector to destroyer.

The woman who was once your beloved partner has now become your adversary.

In place of the woman you once adored in an immature, hysterical, crazy, hot-mess who won’t let it go.

You elect to choose the high road: discontinue the conversation to protect her from your wrath– because continuing to engage means subjecting her to greater potential emotional battery from your verbal assault.

Whether or not you politely request a timeout or bark the demand to be left alone, you make it abundantly clear you need space. …

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I was sitting across my boss in supervision, prattling on and on about the catastrophe of the stress inducing evening session. Heavily immersed in my story telling, sharing the details of what I was thinking, feeling, and experiencing, he politely interrupted and asked me what happened.

“Oh my god, I was hungry because I hadn’t eaten and didn’t expect to be there later than I was. …

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When my entire world is on fire and I feel like I’m in hell, it’s nearly impossible for me not grab a drum of gasoline and go with it.

Like an overly excited teenager who recently discovered the pleasures of their own hands, I engage in the most aggressive forms of mental masturbation known to man. …


Aileen Uy

Hippie Dippie Warrior Scholar. Professional LCSW Psychotherapist and Certified Life Coach.

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