Remove Redirect Virus (Useful Removal Guide)

I am encountering a problem that my homepage has been changed to without my knowledge and consent. Even if I modify the homepage setting, I fail to change the default homepage and find that some pop-ups saying that my computer needs to optimize and suggests me to download certain products often occur on my computer screen. I feel very annoyed. My computer system is Win7 64 bits and IE browser is my frequent used browser. How to can I get rid of the problem? Can anyone help me?

Know about is a website that is supported by redirect virus. It has an appearance similar to other legitimate websites so that computer users won¡¯t suspect its safety and believe it is a helpful site. However, it is actually a tool designed to trick PC users into taking it as the default search engine and browser homepage to help criminals to increase the artificial traffic and boost affiliate payments by forcing users to visit random advertising websites. You will find that various advertisements are displayed under the search box. If you try to search something on this fake search engine, but all you can get are unwanted results including advertisements and porn. With this hijacker infection, it is impossible for you to reach websites you want and you are taken to or other unwanted web pages. It generates numerous ads and links on the PC screen, require you to download toolbars, extensions and plug- ins. Then when you are worried about the situation, the malicious program will suggest you purchase its full version online.

Once your computer has been infested by, it starts to modify default search engine¡¯ setting immediately, disrupt browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and reduce the performance of the whole system. More seriously, it slows down the computer performance and attach undesirable plug-in, add-on, toolbar onto the browser without asking user¡¯s permission firstly. You may feel angry because you are cheated. Sometimes the program will show the fake fixing result to make users believe it has done a good job in cleaning viruses. Since the redirect virus can corrupt your browsers and bring trouble to you, it is highly recommended that you remove it from your computer as soon as possible.

To save trouble, you need to remove as soon as possible. You can follow the step to step instruction below to efficiently remove this virus right now:

Undesirable Impacts of Infection

1. Get loaded on the browser automatically without requiring user¡¯s permission, modify browser settings to turn it to be a promotion tool for specified products and prevent you from reverting them.

2. Your work will be interrupted by the constant pop-ups and unwanted websites.

3. Other malware would be dropped into your computer when you click on the unwelcome ads.

4. A bunch of commercial ads will display on your screen and you are redirected to unwanted website.

5. Private information and commercial related account data, such as personal identifiable information, online bank account as well as credit card account details, may be silently gathered and transferred to a remote third- party server monitored by cyber hackers.

Guide to Manually Remove the Redirect Virus

Since the manual removal is much more complicated than automatic way such as using an automatic removal tool, inexperienced users are not suggested to use. Users who are not very familiar with computer mechanism should be careful when employing manual method. Luckily here we organize the manual method into 4 steps, by following them manual method will become much easier (The entries and files maybe different according to different operating system):

1. Disable running processes on Windows Task Manager.
1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to activate Windows Task Manager.
2) From Processes tab, find out the associated processes of the threat and then right click on the End Process button to totally terminate them.
2. Uninstall associated programs of from the computer.
1)Click on Start button, click Control Panel.
2) Click Program, click on Uninstall a Program.
3) From Programs and Features, locate the associated programs of the browser hijacker from the applications list, locate the associated programs and then click Uninstall button to remove them.
4) Confirm the uninstall request then follow the wizard to complete the removal.
3. Modify browser settings to stay away from the cyber attacks triggered by the redirect virus.
1) Enable the browser.
2) Revert browser settings and fully remove the associated Internet temp files.
For Internet Explorer
Click Tools-> Go to Internet Options-> Click Advanced tab-> Click on Reset button
For Mozilla Firefox
Click Firefox-> locate Help option-> Go to Troubleshooting Information-> Click Reset Firefox button
For Google Chrome
Click the wrench icon-> Click Settings-> Click Show Advanced Settings link-> Click Reset Browser Settings
3) Reset the browser homepage manually.
For Internet Explorer
Click General from the Internet Options -> type a secure and new web address -> confirm the modification
For Mozilla Firefox
Click Options from the Firefox menu-> Click General tab-> type a secure and new web address -> confirm the changes.
For Google Chrome
Go to Advance section in the Settings-> Click Show Home Button-> Click the displayed Change link-> type a secure and new web address
4) Restart the browser to confirm the modification.

Conclusion is a potential unwanted/dangerous program that related to adware and browser hijacker. It may bring unwanted add-ons, plug-ins or extensions on the web browser to make your browser unstable or even functionless. It is extremely annoying when you open your web browser and pops up automatically. You fail to eliminate the web page even though you have re- install the browser. The reason why it is so hard to delete is that it has changed system settings and browser settings, and it also modify the Windows registry and writes its entries into registry. To guard your private information and financial related account from undesirable attacks, you should remove immediately.

Note: It requires sufficient computer skills to perform the manual removal of this redirect virus. Use a professional malware cleaning tool instead if you are not familiar with computer.

You can also watch this video to learn how to perform the removal of