Artificial Intelligence is Making Online Proctoring Safe and Secure

Aileen Scott
Mar 14, 2019 · 3 min read

AI is transforming the education sector as it has gained its importance in proctoring. It has made everything possible virtually. AI integrated computer systems can be now used to ensure the authenticity of the test by blocking the test taker from cheating via a proctor.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Making software think and learn the way humans do is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial technology integrated machines hold the power to exhibit intelligent behavior, learn, demonstrate, explain, and advice its users. They can behave like humans very intelligently. AI is dominant in the plethora of fields such as gaming, natural language processing, expert systems, vision systems, speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and intelligent robots.

What is Online Proctoring?

It can be divided into two methods-

Live Proctoring

In Live Proctoring, a qualified proctor monitors the candidate through live video and audio feeds in real time. These proctors are trained in advance to ensure the authenticity of the candidate. They prevent any form of cheating by noticing the candidate’s behavior such as suspicious eye or facial movements. If a proctor notices any suspicious activity, he has all the rights to shut down the exam. The candidate and the proctor are not required to be present in the same location. This method removes the location constraint. This service requires human involvement and is the most expensive of all the types.

Automated Proctoring

Advanced Automated Proctoring is the most unconventional form of proctoring. With the help of this proctoring service, it is easy to record the activities of the candidate and monitoring the red flags. The service is not expensive and requires no manual intervention. It also holds the power to monitor the feeds for any suspicious activity and uses face recognition to do student authentication.

How is Artificial Intelligence applied to Proctoring Services?

Pattern Recognition

AI is skilled in detecting a pattern of specific behaviors showcasing the acts of cheating. They are able to recognize the patterns and human brain can’t.

Voice Recognition

This technology will help to pick up the sounds and match it with the background noise to eliminate the instances of cheating by recognizing the speech patterns.


With this technology, AI is able to convert verbal speech to written text that can be referred by the system for assessment.

Facial Recognition

This technology helps to identify the additional faces in a testing environment.

Object Recognition

This technology helps to list the objects permitted in the testing environment.

Eye Movement Detection

With this AI integrated technology, eye movement patterns can be recognized. This will help to indicate misconduct.

How AI is improving Online Proctoring Services?

Improved Precision

AI creates an alert if it sees anything suspicious that can’t be caught by the human eyes.

Unmatched Security

If an unpermitted resource is caught by the system, immediate actions can be taken against a test-taker. This makes online examinations credible and secured.

More the data, smarter the AI system

AI system will become more effective only when it is given thousands of data points. Through repetitive proctoring, the systems use the data to become smarter.

AI is the future that is creating its own space in every industry and there is no other option than to embrace this smart technology.

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