Stepping in to time

She steps in, out, forward around anything to not speak 
Deep in the depths is that hidden away hazelnut 
The one with the curse inside 
Sometimes she dares herself to pour the secret out
Like a cup of molten chocolate thick and gooey 
No longer worried about neat edges 
Because it may spill everywhere 
How much longer before she cracks the nut and it all 
And what then, what happens? 
She sighs and watches while she lets the steam escape 
Tamp it down a little longer 
Forcing the lid on her secret self and making her lips smile 
Because she is afraid of something 
She's getting sick of smiling in the face of her rage
Playing the role corrupt as it is 
The nutshell has cracks and she is breaking free 
When she is unleashed heaven help you for her storm breaking 
Could bring your destruction

© AilsaCawleyPoetry 2015

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