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Epson is a popular printer brand in UK which is used extensively. The main reason behind the popularity of Epson printers is their ease of use, great design and reliability. Epson printers are known for their crisp quality print and performance. Epson uses high quality printer heads which ensure that the users keep getting the desired quality in their print for longer periods. These printers are not an added accessory unlike other printer brands but are inbuilt in the main printer design to ensure perfect quality print. Epson being a Japanese brands gives great value to technical perfection and that’s why all printers are thoroughly tested for technical imperfections so that the end users have to face minimal technical issues in using the printers. However, printers are known for being temperamental and technical issues related to functioning can surface anytime in them. If you are also facing any such issue while using your Epson Printer then you can immediately call the Epson Printer Support Number for Help. The experts are available 24 x 7 to resolve all the technical difficulties faced by you in using the devices.

Usually common printer issues arise due to improper handling or use of substandard consumables like ink or paper. However, if you are facing any such issue then it is important that you consult an expert for the issue and not embark upon an adventure to resolve the problem unguided because believe me higher chances are that you will end up causing more damage to the printer than it has before you started the journey. Printers are highly sensitive and hence any manhandling can result to more damage and besides that generally it is difficult to assess the cause of the problems without proper diagnostic tests and you might end up damaging the kidneys when the actual problems was in the liver.

However, some of the common issues with the printers and their solutions are given below:

Too light, too spotty or horizontal lines in the print: This is a problem frequently witnessed by inkjet printer users at home. The main reason behind these issues is infrequent use of the printer. Inkjet printers work with ink in liquid form. After you take a print some of the residual ink still remains in the nozzles which can dry up if you do not take print for many days. If the nozzles are clogged then the print quality will deteriorate and hence you will face these print quality issues. The best way to avoid such issues is to use your printer more frequently. You can just take test prints once in a while if any actual print is not required by you. However, if the printer head has got clogged then the best way to resolve the issue is to do head cleaning. This can be done easily through the printer maintenance tab. Performing a printer head cleaning and nozzle check afterwards will ensure that you keep getting great print quality from your printer. If you need any assistance on auto head cleaning or nozzle check you can always contact the Epson Printer Customer Support anytime.

Awful print quality: This is a complaint that is received from printer users worldwide and the most common reason behind this complaint is the use of low quality aftermarket ink. Printer brands spend a lot on the research and development of good ink which can give the best print quality with their equipment. This cannot be achieved with low quality ink which is not specifically made for the device and hence people face such issues. If you are also getting awful quality of print from your Epson printer then the best solution is to stick with the manufacturer’s ink. This may seem costly in the beginning but in the long run this is the right way. Low quality inks dry up fast and leave more residue which can clog your printer nozzles fast and you may be facing a serious threat to your printer’s health very soon. If the printer head gets damaged due to this then throwing away the printer and purchasing a new one will only remain as an option for you because the printer heads are as costly as the printer itself and hence it is not advisable. So if you want to get good print quality and stay away from problems then use the manufacturer’s ink.

Excessive usage of ink: This is a problem which hurts the budget and may cause your printer to look bad. However, most of the times high usage of ink is caused by wrong settings of the printer. If your printer is consuming more ink then check if the printer is set on best quality print mode because this mode will definitely consume more ink and may make your printer take more time in printing. You can change the settings to draft quality and this will save considerable amount of ink for you.

Paper jam issues: Paper jams are really annoying but unavoidable once in a blue moon. However, if paper jam issues become a regular affair in your printer then it is a thing which needs to be pondered. Paper jams are usually caused when either the paper is not aligned properly in the paper tray or there is some obstruction in the rollers through which the paper passes. By keeping in mind these things you can avoid regular paper jam instances. However, if you are already face to face with a paper jam then before you embark on removing that troubling piece of paper from the printer forcefully take a deep breath and calm down. Use of unnecessary force on the printer for releasing a jammed paper can cause hardware damage or the shards of paper may even get torn inside the printer which will complicate the situation. It is a situation better dealt with calmly. Try restarting your printer as in most cases it releases the paper automatically but if it doesn’t slowly pull the paper clutching it from both ends so that it doesn’t get torn with uneven force.

If you need any assistance related to the functioning of your printer you can call the Epson Printer Customer Service anytime for help. The experts are available round the clock to assist you in all such issues immediately.

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