Let me tell you I how feel

About your incredible smile.

It’s like you heal my soul bit by bit,

Without even trying.

I sometimes wonder

Whether you and I can be together.

I just want us to be closer,

Because I feel like you make me better.

I dream of kissing your shoulders.

I dream of kissing your fingertips.

I would travel to any border,

So i can get closer to your lips.

I realised long time ago,

That maybe I was space dust,

That traveled galaxies alone,

In search of my other half.

Here I am, finally found you,

But I can not get closer.

Nobody knows my truth,

Blocked by all the bullshit.

But I will patiently wait,

Until the perfect moment.

I travelled billion years in vain,

So I can end this eternal torment.

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