NBA Quote Unquote for game week 5

Week 5 includes all the scoop from the league starting 12th November to 18th November.

Let’s start with what the hottest player in the league has to say on what gives him energy:

“I mean, I’m not eating a whole bunch of animals anymore. Once you become awake, you don’t see that stuff anymore.”

What’s up with that, Kyrie? It seems to be working for him, so no more questions asked of him on this. Also, he hates wearing the mask he’s been forced to wear in recent games.

This is what Charles Barkley had to say about the Celtics before they hosted the Warriors in probably the most anticipated match of the week.

“They’re not going to beat the Golden State Warriors tonight and they’re not going to hold the Golden State Warriors to 94 points. I promise you that.”

The Celtics ended up beating the Warriors 92–88 in a gripping game to extend their win streak to 14. I wonder what Chuck has to say about the Celtics now?

Celtics coach Brad Stevens, however, will not be allowing his team to get comfortable after winning 14 straight:

“We haven’t played well enough to consider this win streak to be valid in my opinion.”

Let’s take a look at what some Warriors had to say after the L.

This is what Steph Curry had to say on a potential Finals match up with the Celtics in June:

“It is very, very likely.”

Coach Kerr seems to agree with his star player, since he says of Kyrie and his Celtics:

“The team of the future in the East.”

LeBron fans will, of course, disagree. The King declared himself supreme on Twitter after a fantastic performance at the Madison Square Garden against the young Knicks.

James carried the Cavs in the 4th quarter as they came back to beat the Knicks after trailing by 23 points.

Enes Kanter, however, disagrees. James and Kanter were involved in an altercation during the heated game, fueled by LeBron’s comment on how the Knicks should have drafted Dennis Smith Jr. ahead of Frank Ntilikina with their 8th pick.

“We’ve already got a king…Kristaps Porzingis”

He had some more words for LeBron: “I don’t care what you call yourself — King, Queen, Princess.” LBJ’s response: “I’m the king, my wife is the queen and my daughter is the princess so we got all three covered.”

Moving on to Kristaps Porzingis, Dirk Nowitzki heaped praised on the Unicorn:

“He is so long,and his arms are so long. He can shoot from deep easily and can move. He is the real deal.”

KP is confident of the Knicks’ chances of making the playoffs this time, saying:

“I believe that we are a playoff team.”

Taking a cue from LeBron’s Instagram post, Joel Embiid tweeted this.

He may be joking, but his performances in wins against the Clippers and Lakers in back to back games in LA were no joke. He recorded stat lines of 32p, 16r against the Clippers and 46p, 15r ,7a, 7 blocks against the Lakers. The 46 points were a career high for him, and his stat line broke records.

At the on court interview after the game, he said he’s putting up such numbers at 69% conditioning, and his interview was crashed by comedian Kevin Hart, who exclaimed, “Trust The Process”. Jokes are part of the process, it seems!

Steve Kerr on Joel Embiid after his Los Angeles romp:

“What he did in LA was terrifying.”

Embiid and LaVar Ball have been involved in a social media war of words recently, but he had some positive things to say about Lonzo Ball before their matchup in LA:

“I love what he’s doing, especially with his own shoe. …People think I hate him, but I love him.”

The junior big baller has been subject to a lot of scrutiny and criticism lately, primarily due to his shooting woes. Lonzo was highly rated coming out of college but he has failed to live up to the expectations till now. His rookie teammate, Kyle Kuzma, considered the steal of the draft, came to his rescue and said:

“Everybody wants him to be a Hall of Famer right now. There are 10-year vets playing way worse. He’ll be all right.”

Kuzma became the first rookie in the league this season to crack the 30 points milestone in a 122–113 loss to the Suns at home. He scored 30 points on 11–23 shooting.

The Lakers seem to be in a great position with these two at the the heart of their core. Lonzo is already a great playmaker, and a good rebounder. If he can fix his stroke and find his range, they will be a lethal duo in the years to come.

Lonzo’s shooting has been very poor, enough for the commentator to refer to him when Klay Thompson managed to get a wedgie on a 3-point attempt against the Celtics.

Ball was again at the receiving end of criticism for walking away from a scuffle between teammate Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and the Suns’ Tyler Ulis, which started right in front of him. Other players rushed to their respective teammate’s aid, while Lonzo was headed to the bench. This is what he said about it when asked later:

It’s the NBA. People ain’t really gonna fight, so I ain’t trying to get no tech.”

Bonus quote about the Balls, this time featuring President Trump tweeting about LiAngelo Ball and his two UCLA teammates who were arrested in China for shoplifting. The President claims to have negotiated with the Chinese governement to have them released and sent back home. Have a look.

Mr. Trump ought to invest his energy in more pressing matters, but he’s not the regular type of President, is he now?

We all love Gregg Popovich, don’t we? Who do we love more? Angry Pop!

Lip reading enthusiasts, knock yourself out.

The Spurs managed to erase a 23 point deficit against the Thunder to get themselves the W, 101–104 at home. Pop explained how they turned that game around:

“An attitude change from ‘poor me’ to ‘screw you.’

You can be certain to see Pop featured in this series quite often due to his knack of making memorable quotes and giving witty interviews.

The OKC Thunder have been struggling, but Paul George ensured they won against the Dallas Mavericks since it was Russell Westbrook’s 29th birthday. He led all scorers in the game with 37 points. When asked if he got Russ anything for his birthday, George said:

“I got him 37.”

Westbrook’s best friend (not really) Kevin Durant has been pretty active this past week, making a lot of mention-worthy comments.

In an exclusive with Bleacher Report, KD went all out:

“Loyalty? Ain’t no such thing.”
“We scream loyalty, but we don’t expect it from the people writing the checks because they’re writing the checks.”
“I’m still OKC. That blue is going to be in my blood forever.”
“If I was on my death bed, I guarantee you Sam Presti and Russell Westbrook would come check on me. So I’m going to look at it that way rather than the other way.”

You can read more of what Durant said, here.

Durant had another memorable quote, after the Warriors came back to grab the away win 124–116 against the Sixers on the back of a 47-point third quarter:

“We didn’t want to lose to these guys. Especially Embiid. He would’ve went straight to Twitter and started talking s — t.”

Some good news for basketball fans, Chris Paul is back after an injury. He had 11p & 10a in a 142–116 win against the Suns. At the post game intereview, James Harden and CP3 engaged in some banter.

Another star out with injury, Isaiah Thomas weighs in on how hard it is to keep pace with all the handshakes he has to carry out with his Cavs teammates when he returns to the court.

Ending this piece with a quote from IT on possibly facing the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals:

“Oh, that would be lovely.… That would be a special moment.”

We would definitely like to see that matchup in the ECF.

Well, that’s about it for week 5. Would request you to please comment below to tell me how you liked this article, how I can make it better and if you have any other recommendations.

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