What’s The Point of “Going On”?

My son and I were talking about the highs and lows of life and he asked, “What’s the point of going on? Every day is just the same old thing, working to make it, barely surviving, struggling, fighting the rat race, paying bills, never getting ahead, and it all just ends.”

Surprisingly, I didn’t have a great answer at the moment, as it took me by surprise, with the spark that I’ve seen so lively before, now seemed to be smoldering. Those words have sat heavily with me, as there as so many points to ‘going on’, and even being a parent, is a first day experience, every day, as is life.

Son, this is what I would say to you and hope it re-starts the spark that on some days may be a flame, and others, a low roar, or maybe even a bonfire, and if it goes out again, that you have a bucket of kindling you choose to pull some light for the next time around.

The greatest gift every day is being alive, feeling your heart beat, every breath your lungs inhale, your body functioning to its best capacity, providing you with what it’s able to, and possibly even more.

It’s having the gift of choosing your own thoughts, what you’ll do with them, and how you might even share them with another, not knowing that you could be re-kindling the spark for someone else in your same shoes, or even worse.

It’s taking on a challenge you think might be near impossible, and choosing it anyway, without self-judgement of what the end result has to be.

It’s trying something new and different today, even if you think you already tried something similar yesterday. It will always be a new and different experience.

It’s creating your own belief system, simply because you can, or enjoying one that resonates.

It’s knowing your existence has an impact on everyone you meet, including yourself, and what you choose to do with that.

It’s creating the experience of respecting and loving yourself for exactly who you are today, as you’re not the same person you were yesterday, and you’ll be different tomorrow. Change is consistent.

It’s venturing into the unknown of, “What if’s”, because you can.

It’s the beautiful experience that some days you may cry, mourn, and weep. Others could be filled with laughter and smiles, and some, reverent observation, feeling inspired, or the fullest capacity of heartfelt love or even broken.

It’s choosing your own journey, not to be compared with another.

Son, what you choose to do with every waking hour is a beautiful journey that every soul alive, makes a choice of what they will do with that, and the meaning they give everything. I hope you do get to experience it all, to know the difference, and come up with your own translations. It molds us into the unique person we are, what we’re capable of, and never stop trying something new. You’re beautiful and imperfectly, perfect…and, what I love most about you.


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