Recently, I read a report by the guys over at stating that only 44% of businesses invest in a focused SEO strategy, making it the least popular digital marketing channel.

What about the other 56%… does your business fall into this bucket? If so, indulge me for just a…

by Colm O’Sullivan | May 21, 2018 |

My name is Colm O’ Sullivan and I’m an addict…

I’m not ashamed to admit it, but I own five virtual assistants (smart speakers) — six, if you include Google Assistant built-in to Android Auto. I’m a virtual assistant evangelist!

And I’m…

by John Forde | May 10, 2018 |

“If you have a job without aggravations, you don’t have a job.”
– Malcolm Forbes

In early 1974, nobody wanted to use credit cards. And this, my friend, would have been a problem if it had never changed.

Mercifully, however, it did.

I’ve just completed a four-day marathon of awesomeness… I’m pumped… I’m excited… I feel great… or so I’ve been told.

At times, the Funnel Hacking Live 2018 conference in Orlando was nothing short of surreal.

Maybe I’m just being cynical, but I don’t usually go to a marketing conference to…

by Brian Swift | Mar 22, 2018 | PPC

I’m reluctantly making the compulsory switch to the new AdWords interface.

I’ve resisted the change up to now, primarily because I hate anything being forced on me.

A perfect example of this came in January this year when Gmail Sponsored Promotions…

For some, the word “Pixel” brings shivers down their spine. For others, their animal-like defense mechanisms kick in “I don’t deal with those. They’re the tech guy’s responsibility.”

However, for the smart marketers, they know how vital they are to understand, implement, and take advantage of. You see, something that…

I’ve recently highlighted the importance of diversifying your marketing efforts.

Today, I want to talk about an undervalued PPC platform that can potentially yield double the leads to your business with the simple click of a button.

I’m talking about Bing Ads.

Yes, that oft–despised search engine that, despite lack…

One of the main problems advertisers run into when launching campaigns on the Search network is low quality keyword scores. Low

quality keyword scores can quickly ruin a campaign with the biggest issue being higher cost-per-clicks, which in turn increases your lead acquisition costs.

When you launch a campaign, it’s…

My name is Grant, and I’m an addict.

Facebook is my drug of choice. And I’m not alone.

Facebook have hooked over 2 billion other users to affirmation-induced likes… that quick hit from tapping the little red notification dot… and hitting a vein of superficial click-bait content. …

by Christina Clapp | Feb 1, 2018 | PPC

If you’re a financial or health publisher using Adwords, you are probably aware that over the past weekend Google began to apply a very strict interpretation of their “Misleading Content” policy (without any warning to advertisers!). …

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