As being interested narrates a person who likes something and wants to know about that. Whereas being interesting is something that narrates a thing a person like. Interested describes how you or other people feel about a thing while interesting describes the thing make you feel that way.

People are more interested in themselves. They feel delighted when we talk about them. When people focus what they think makes them feel happy. They want someone who knows them, understands them and be with them always.

I have noticed in my survey that if you show your interest in other people this make them feel important. If we listen to them carefully then they will be happy with you and give you respect and be more sincere towards you.

When we think about others it is a key to personal attraction. If we put our attention upon others and being interested in themselves then it also helps us to overcome our shyness and make us feel that we should be there with them when they need us.

As listening skills are extraordinarily valuable in any relationship. This concept is simple and yet so powerful. We do not want to listen to others because we are always trying to hear ourselves.

I concluded from this survey if you want to be successful, find real friends, desire to help people along with help yourself and want to be liked by others then you should be interested in other people.

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