Positive Or Negative, It Depends On You

The difference between positive and negative is that one vertical straight line in the middle.

Why do I said so? Don’t you realize negative “-” symbol is the same as the way you lie on your bed? It is straight and horizontally.

Why positive “+” has a vertical straight line in the middle of a horizontal line that indicates negative? Because the vertical line shows everyone have a positive mind, but at the same time everyone stuck in the state of negativity. It shows that it is depends on you to stood up or continue staying in that dead mode.

If you are in the state of negativity. Being around the positive one does not move you to the state of positive. To obtain that true positive, what you need to know is the balancing formula in yourself. Not by relying on other people helps but all by your own, all on your own.

It is what it is, it was what it was

Negativity will never leave you. It is all depends on how you define it.

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