AIMedis Bot Guide

If you’re joining the AIMedis airdrop campaign, here is what you need to know & follow in order to complete all tasks.

12 Simple Steps to Take & Ensure a Smooth Process

The tokens will be released after the ICO, please follow the updates in our Telegram Channel: @aimedistoken. Great to have you part of the future of healthcare!

Step #1: Click the “JOIN VIA TELEGRAM” button.

Step#2: Start the bot with the start button.

Step #3: Join the Aimedis ICO chat on Telegram via the provided link.

Step #4: Bot will automatically know when you joined, and send you a follow up message. Asking you to watch our video.

Step #5: Watch the video, the bot will automatically credit you and send you a follow up message at the end

Step #6: Choose if you want to change your name on Telegram for 3x the airdrop.

Step #7: If You choose to change it, here’s how: Go to settings.

Step #8: Name Changing — Click “Edit” next to your name.

Step #9: Add “” to the “Surname” tab.

Step #10: Click “I’ve changed my name”. Give your e-mail to the bot.

Step #11: Give your ETH adress to the bot.

Step #12: Tell Us What Do You Like About Our Project in the Telegram group, introduce yourself, and help us bring this community to life.

You’re Done! Enjoy your new tokens (remember, tokens will be released after the ICO ends!)!

Thank You for joining the Aimedis community.

The Aimedis Team