These 14 Instagram-Perfect Places in Europe Will Get Under Your Skin

Good looks aside, these 14 places in Europe have a je ne sais quoi that inspires and fascinates and leaves a deep, lasting impression on all who visit.

Prague, Czech Republic

Smack dab in the very heart of Europe, Prague is one of the most romantic, noble, and culturally rich destinations on the continent. After all, this is the city that understood Mozart like no one else, that gave birth to Franz Kafka, and inspired Einstein to develop the General Theory of Relativity.

Walk along its cobblestone paths lined with old-fashioned street lamps and you’ll feel like marching through history with every step, every building, every tiny cubic stone. Cross the historic Charles Bridge at dawn and you’ll almost hear the legends of its 30 saintly Baroque statues. Enter its museums and you will find devastating remnants of its tumultuous past, but also masterpieces by Rembrandt, El Greco, and Goya. Come Christmas, the Old Town’s main square glitters in festive lights in the shadow of a mystical 15th-century astronomical clock.

The city of hundred spires and dancing houses (Fred and Ginger) will teach you to love both the past and the future, both the sun and the clouds. It will turn the conventional into a bohemian, it will reveal the poet inside you, and it won’t let you go unless you’ll pay the visit with a piece of your soul. In return, you’ll get a bit of its magic to keep in your memories forever.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Metropolitan fervor and sweet hamlet innocence blend like nowhere else in Reykjavik. Situated on the island’s south coast, the tiny capital of Iceland is one of the greenest, weirdest, and most beautiful cities in Europe — a Lego-like jumble of colorful Scandinavian houses, cozy cafés, and adorable independent shops.

This is a city of wonderful, peculiar contradictions, of magical midnight suns and ethereal Northern Lights. Surrounded by harsh, unforgiving environment, but bursting with warmth, friendliness, and creative energy. Deeply rooted in archaic myths, yet constantly changing.