Coming of age

To be ‘called’ to something. A great, unmistakable, clear picture of how one should use their particular skills set, passion and ability. Anyone can be ‘called’ and in most common cases you’ll find teachers, doctors and mothers to be called into their profession. Sometimes it is a self proclaimed call; other times people see in you something that is hidden and is worth finding. I am of the latter called persons; and I believe there is a certain amount of expectancy that comes along with being in this category.

Being the youngest of three as well as being the only girl, it is a fair assumption that most things were done for me growing up. I in no way want to come across as being spoiled or having my family wrapped around my little. The simple truth is that my brothers — incredible, noble, courageous and defiant men in the making — had broken the neurotic behaviour that so often controls new parents. As a result I never really had to be intentional; I never had to think of the consequences. If I wanted to climb the tallest tree, walk too close to the edge or turn the house into a mattress fortress, my brothers and especially my oldest brother, would be there. They would catch me, take responsibility for the mess; they were intentional and I just did.

So here’s my point. My character is almost trained to take the back seat and let life happen; leaving those around me to be intentional and pick up the mess. Last year almost poetically at the age of 21, I found myself picking up the slack. You see, I believe entirely that I have an epic calling over my life; but it is up to me to bring it into fruition. Even if in this moment I am not entirely sure of what any of it looks like.

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