60 Resources To Help You Expand Your eCommerce Business Internationally

Thinking about expanding your business internationally? There is a wealth of information, support and tools available to help you, regardless of whether you are already selling overseas and are looking to expand into new markets, or are looking to export for the first time.

To help you get started, I have put together a list of resources that you can (and should) take advantage of, which cover everything from funding options, foreign exchange, shipping, country & marketplace data and VAT resources.

  1. Department for International Trade Regional Advisor

The Department for International Trade (DIT), formerly known as the UKTI, is a government run organisation that is responsible for promoting British trade across the globe. As a UK business you will have access to a trade advisor, who will be able to advise you on your exporting strategy and highlight which exporting programmes or grants you may be eligible for.

2. Open to Export

Open to Export is another government and business backed community that helps UK businesses get ready to sell overseas. You will need to create a free account to start benefiting from their free resources.

3. E-Exporting Programme from the DIT

Designed for sellers of all levels, the DIT’s E-Exporting Programme gives you access to a free meeting with an international trade expert, as well as full support with developing and implementing an international eCommerce strategy. This includes helping you get set up on international marketplaces, as well as access to reduced rates, lower commission fees and free trial periods. You can learn more about these exclusive DIT rates for marketplaces including eBay, Etsy, Newegg and more here.

4. Overseas Market Introduction Service

The Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) is available to businesses at any stage of their exporting journey, helping you to identify opportunities and set up your business in new markets.

5. Tradeshow Access Programme

The Tradeshow Access Programme provides funding for eligible businesses to attend overseas trade shows, with the purpose of helping your business gain market knowledge, experience and advice from trade experts.

6. DIT’s Export Opportunities Page

The Department for International Trade’s regularly updated Export Opportunities page details some of the key opportunities available to you as a UK seller, across various different countries. This search can be filtered by keywords, sector, market and opportunity type.

7. Global Trade Map

Get key market facts and opportunities for help with choosing your export destination, using DHL’s Global Trade Map.

8. Open to Export Action Plan

Take advantage of this free online planning tool to help you plan your export strategy.

9. Selling Online Overseas Tool

Using this free service, you can easily identify some of the major international marketplaces and all of the key information regarding commission, membership fees and registered users. To learn about more marketplaces, visit Linnworks comprehensive list of marketplaces here.

10. World First Foreign Exchange Guide

Find out everything you need to know about foreign exchange on World First’s FXGuide.

11. Barclays Business Abroad

Barclays Business Abroad offers a selection of tools and services to help you grow your business abroad.

12. Business Finance Support Finder

Find out what financial support you could be eligible for based on your business and industry, with the government’s Business Finance Support Finder.

13. VAT Guide For Exporters

The VAT Guide for Exporters covers everything you need to know about VAT for your business.

14. Delivery Options For Exporters

Find out options available to you for international delivery, as well as the advantages and disadvantages for each of these delivery methods with Open To Export.

15. Legal Checklist For Exporting

Take a look at Open to Export’s legal checklist for exporting.

16. Exporting Country Guide

The Department For International Trade have created country guides for just about every market you can think of, covering everything from challenges, opportunities, start-up and market entry considerations, legal considerations, and tax & customs considerations.

17. XSellco Fusion- Customer Support Translation Tool

Find out how you can centralise all of your customer support queries from your marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, with XSellco’s customer support translation tool.

18. Currencies Direct Rate Alerts

With Currencies Direct Rate Alerts, you can input the rate you’re interested in and they will monitor the markets for you.

19. Santander Trade Hub

Watch a range of international trade webinars and access to a network of market entry services experts who can help with your international expansion, Santander’s Trade Hub is a great resource for exporters..

20. Linnworks Multi-Channel eCommerce Software

See for yourself how Linnworks Order and Inventory Management software can help to support the growth of your eCommerce business internationally.

For the remaining 40 exporting, foreign exchange, finance, international shipping, tax & VAT and other additional resources, head over to my original article on the Linnworks blog.

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Originally published at blog.linnworks.com.