Is it worth it?

Well… where do i start at the moment?

I’m up early this morning. Had to duck to the chemist. I am so thankful that the chemist is now 24/7. Think this would have to be the most helpful tool a mum could ever ask for! (Apart from a few more arms and an interchangeable head).
I was up quite early this morning as mummy has the monthly blues and needed a shower.

Unfortunetly my family has had a bit going on lately. The reason why i havn’t been able to write and why i have probably needed to write the most. Before i go any further i am really not looking for sympathy by this post. This is just what we mums go through time to time. Feel free to let me know if you can relate. I think it’s important as mums to know that we aren’t alone in our struggles. That we all at some stage or another go through hard times. Yes at the time we feel like we are worse off then everyone else but afterwards realise its ok, there’s others going through it as well.

So, we have had a few trips to the hospital. The staff there keep saying they don’t want to see us again and quite frankly i don’t want to see them again either! 
So we went through the struggle with my little boy and what we now know was a milk protein intolerence. The poor thing went through 6 weeks of chronic diarrhoea and is now on the mends thanks to a change in his formula. Only 4 days after being discharged from the hospital we were back again as a viral infection (upper respiratory) had casued the dreaded runs to come back. His poor little bottom couldn’t catch a break. I couldn’t begin to imagine what his stomach was feeling like. We then got out of hospital from that and 2 weeks later he is back in with gastroenteritis. Dehydrated, lethargic and just not damn happy.

In the mean time when gastro hit i got a bout, My daughter was in hospital with it and then my hubby went and said hello to the ED staff for some fluids due to dehydration from gastro. Nasty nasty bug. Hit fast and then all of the sudden we were all dehydrated. 
I was talking to a mum at the laundry mat the other day that was there also washing linen as her household had been hit with it. Seems to be going through the day care centres and playgroups at the moment so watch out!

Just feels like alot to be going through. And i tell you what i really struggled! Yes i was in tears and upset. Everything just felt like the world was about to end. I felt like i just couldn’t catch a break. I think all the feelings were hightened from me being sick as well. But i quickly learnt that mums don’t do sick. Mum’s do more a sickness in passing type thing when the illness is acknowledged and treated and then we just let it go and keep going. When people call you a super mum for getting through it all take it in your stride because you seriously are! We all are and we don’t get enough credit for all the work we put in no matter how shitty we are feeling as well.

I think its interesting though that after all this. After all the blows we seemed to be getting right to the damn face!!! I have come out in a better frame of mind then when i went in. I feel like not only has this gastro cleansed my stomach but its also cleansed my mind too. I think we don’t appreciate enough the small things and the time we have with our kids sometimes. I do it all the time, let housework and life take forefront in my mind. But i think sometimes we need to just appreciate the kids a bit more. All the little milestones they are hitting and we need to spend time with them showing them our love and that we are there for them. We need to stop stressing so much about little things and just let life happen. Enjoy life a little more. We stress so much and sometimes we need to turn around and just think why? Why are you stressing? How is stressing over that going to help? If you stress more is it going to fix it? No. Then why stress over it? (Easier said then done i know)
Interestingly enough after this realisation the housework is getting done more and i am spending more time with the kids and life seems to just be more manageable. I am going through my monthly bout of womanly pain, i have an ear infection and a UTI but even with this. Life is just so much more easier to get through and not just easier but so much more enjoyable. I am just enjoying every moment.

So now i want you to think about the stresses in your life…
Think about your usual day and what do you prioritise in the day? Honestly, are you prioritising the wrong things? 
Be really honest with yourself. 
Do you have stress in your life? Is this stress really worth the heartache and effort it is taking? Will stressing about your issues fix them or make them any better? How is the stress effecting your relationship and your kids?
Could you be putting the energy your body is taking to stress about something into something more positive?

Anxiety and depression make this really fucking hard!! I know. I do get it. 
But i want you today to just try and relieve yourself of one stress. Try and find a positive instead.
Let me know how you go and whether you can relate to anything i have said.

Have a wonderful day. Sending my love out to you all. 
(As i typed this i was saying in my head ‘Have a bowtiful day’)

Aimee J xxxxx

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