Have you searched the hashtag #Latina lately?

Today my fingers typed “#Latina” into the search bar of my Instagram… And while I’ve never seen more female body parts appear at once, I still kept searching... About 50-thumb scrolls later, I began to see less of the explicit content but still nothing of much substance. I was lost in the never ending, superficial feed of curvaceous bodies, beautiful faces, accompanied by high-end luxury accessories.

Why aren’t WE “hashtaging” #Latina on our graduation photos? Healthy meals and lifestyles? Our achievements?

Are our curves the only thing we are proud of ?

Urban Dictionary defines Latina as follows: “Hot, sexy and sensual chicks who have the nicest asses, nice curves everywhere and look good in everything and best of all…black hair”

Why do we allow news and media outlets to represent (US) our women in such a derogative manner? Social media is brimming with mindless, second-rate women who are attracting, their version of attention through, “followers” with their curvaceous assets by means of entertainment. It is time we formulate a shift and start praising the young, intelligent, Latina women of this society who are driving change. We all have the power to bring about change, individually and collectively.

It is our duty to bring awareness to the importance of a woman’s equity & the universal responsibility (as women) to avoid certain behaviors which lead to stigmas, stereotypes, and incivility against women. And so, I urge you to steer clear of these so-called “uncensored platforms” which are polluting our minds, exploiting our sexual parts and condoning promiscuity.

When did being a lady (and acting like one) go out of style?

Some of my favorite platforms driven by Latina Women: @tearadotech @GypsyInTheCity @2020Shift @AintILatina @TheWomanSymbol @MakersRow