She is an Empowered Woman, she is you.

The Woman Symbol is a platform encouraging women to find their own power by magnifying our strengths together. We are here for a brief moment, an instant…Let’s make our time worth it.

Women, (we) fail to realize our biggest enemies are not men but ourselves. For centuries we have been conditioned to cruelly, partake in a warfare of competition amongst other women. What we fail to understand is if we (women) don’t stand up for each other no one else will. No one is going to care about the interests of women except for other women.

Gender Equality is not for women.
Gender equality is not for men.
Gender equality is for everyone.

It is our duty to bring awareness to the importance of a woman’s equity and the universal responsibility (as women) to avoid certain behaviors which lead to stigmas, stereotypes and incivility against women. We all have the power to bring about change, individually and collectively. It’s time we invest and embrace in our innate strengths as women, bringing them proudly and unapologetically to the forefront of our lives.

Empowered women, empower women AND how incredibly beautiful we look when we stand together. (Estée Lauder Campaign — 2011)

Let’s all make empowering girls and other women a priority. 
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