Around 20 countries in the world speak a language that is written RTL (right-to-left). Thus, RTL support is necessary for any digital device either web or mobile.

Currently, Figma doesn’t support RTL language but there are a few community plugins that help us achieve the goal. Let’s look into it.

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By default when we write an RTL text in Figma it does the following:

  • It won’t show the text IF you haven’t selected an RTL supporting font.

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I started learning Redux a few days back and it was an overwhelming concept for me at the start. After polishing my skills in ReactJS by making a personal book reading application, I headed towards Redux to learn more about it.

Today, I’m going to share a few core Redux concepts without using any view library (React or Angular). This is a kind of a personal note for future reference but it can help others as well.

Let’s dig in together!

What is Redux?

Redux is an open-source library to improve the predictability of the state in a JavaScript application. It is an independent library. It is commonly used with other libraries like React and Angular for better state management of the application. …

Currently, I’m working on a Firefox health dashboard as a part of my Outreachy internship with Mozilla. And here are the major goals we intend to achieve during the internship.

  • Add new features to the graphical presentation of performance data

The main purpose of this post is to explain the project to someone who is not in the community and not familiar with the stuff we are doing at Mozilla. …

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I believe the other name for coding is the “struggle”. And if you are a beginner or a junior developer, this struggle often is multiplied by 100. Learning to code, finding the right resources, making a portfolio, hunting an internship or a junior dev job, and then working on a real-life project — everything can be a struggle.

But the good thing about struggling is that you learn and come out of your comfort zone to experience new things and implement new ideas, eventually polishing yourself to be a better version of you.

In the tech industry, there are a lot of success stories presenting a long journey of struggle and learning. Everything looks fascinating from the outside. Especially for junior developers, their senior colleagues and mentors are the best people who come up with great logic and astonish them with their amazing ways of writing code. …

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I started learning JavaScript 10 months ago and the journey has been full of frustration, hope, and motivation. Before starting JavaScript, I thought I knew most of it — but I was wrong. There was a lot to learn, Vanilla JavaScript, Node.js, React — and then making some dummy side project to apply the knowledge. And time was short because I wanted to learn and implement everything in just 2–3 months to start a job as soon as possible.

Being jobless and not having the skills you want to work with is the worst feeling ever. And you need great willpower and motivation to keep learning and keep going, staying hopeful for the future. …

You can not trust any input but you can make your process safe and secure. Your application must ensure and verify that the data being entered into the system is according to the requirement to avoid any malicious entry which can be a threat to your system.

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There are many libraries over the internet for data validation but today we are discussing Joi which is maintained by HapiJS. HapiJS is web framework of Node but Joi is an independent library which can be used for any Node project.

What is JOI?
Joi is a JavaScript library which allows you to define a schema for JS objects to validate given input against them. …

At the end of 2017, I decided to re-start books reading which I left years ago (Chiefly, my course books 😛 ). I was wondering which book I should start with to achieve following goals:

  • Get some motivation to keep reading

Markhor — A wilderness based young leadership conference has given me some talented and kind friends and Luqman Khan is one of them. Luqman is a personal development blogger and a book reader who has helped me in starting my journey towards books reading. …


Syeda Aimen Batool

Outreachy Intern at Mozilla— Founder @WomenWingCo— Opensource is the new love.

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