Inside Satellite: Architecture of a Registry
Travis Jacobs

The idea is very great BUT Satellites are Science fiction!

The so called satellite connection for example for air planes and boats is possible made by LORAN ( Long Range Navigation system) And the so called GPS signal for your personal navigation is made possible by those 3G - 4G masts who shows the coordination of your position and shows you the way, you can test it with starting up your navigation nearby a 4G mast and you will noticed it will connect much faster then when you are further away from a 3G - 4G mast.
Arthur c clarke a science fiction writer wrote about satellites and Hollywood and Nasa tought it was a nice idea to copy the idea and created the lie and made it look like a real fact…

Nasa is a fraud and stealing billions of the people and show some Hollywood made video’s and computer animated images all the time, it is time to wake up ! 
The US is run by criminals who indoctrinate and fill people there heads with crap educational info repeatedly and broadcasting propaganda garbage.
Enough evidence to find including the FAKE moon landing.
So it is kind of sad you are still impressed by the so called space missions who are nothing more then made up hollywood science fiction.
Blockchain development is a great way to create a big distance between the enslaving govern ( control ) ment ( mental / mind ) and the people they try to force in several ways.
Free your mind and stop watching controlled TV with selected info and scenes who do not serve people at all but brings misery most of the time.