What are the possible drawbacks of a laser hair transplant surgery?

Surgical procedures involved in hair transplant surgeries are frequently being revised and updated in order to provide patients the most natural looking and victorious hair transplant results. The laser hair transplant has made a good name for itself in precision scalp, and cutting during restoration surgery and is now grabbing its place in the hair transplant world through an advanced laser hair transplant. But, sometimes the application of a laser during hair restoration surgery may be more of an obstacle than advancement.

A severe disadvantage of a laser hair transplant is the possibility of fewer transplanted grafts yielding hair. This unpleasant situation is due to the laser’s capability to immediately cauterize its cuts. In this case, the oxygenation and good-quality blood flow of the new hair grafts on the scalp can be compromised and restricted.

Unfortunately, at this time there are no convinced key points to support this matter that why a person goes for an advanced laser hair transplant surgery over a traditional one. Read more: LINK

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