Why Your Hair Change When You Travel

Those who travel continuously, they can better understand that travelling can change our hair. There are many answers to the question that why our hair gets a change because of travelling. The change in water can also leave an impact on your hair. The humidity of a new place can also change the shape of your hair. High humidity can break your hair since they are made of hydrogen bonds.

It also happens because of the medications people take before travelling. For example, some of the female travelers take oral contraceptives before travelling. Oral Contraceptives can damage both hair and skin. Other hair issues like thinning in the front or top of the scalpalso occur because of some medications.

When you travel, your water is changed. Change in water can also affect your hair. Water in some cities is hard, soft in some cities, contains lots calcium in some cities, and contains magnesium in other ones, and so on. Water that contains calcium carbonate in excessive quantity can make your hair dull and dry. Hard water can make your hair dull and can be a cause to lose the shinning of your hair.
 When people travel, they use some cosmetics. Improper use of cosmetics can also be a cause of your hair fall. Like conditioners are considered one of the reasons of hair fall. It may also happen that you use a low quality shampoo supplied by a hotel and it damages your hair. To avoid this situation, you better keep your high quality shampoo with you whenever you travel.

The Sunlight can also be a factor of your hair fall while travelling. The disulphide bonds in your hair can be damaged or broken by the scorching rays of the Sun if you cover your head with a hat or something. Sun rays coming directly to your head can be a strong cause of your hair fall. Since the Sunlight can also bleach, your colored hair will go more prone to breakage and a devastating damage will be caused because of it.

The problem of hair fall is a problem all over the world. However, there are some places which are more heard about this thing. Many travelers believe that they face hair fall issues more when they travel in Asian countries. There must be some other countries where people face this issue. Change in diet can also be a cause of hair fall. Like in Arab countries, calcium salts are used in the water and it can harmful for human hair.

Consequently, travelling can have bad effects on your hair and you need to be extra careful while travelling to save your hair. The more you take care of your hair, the longer you can have your beloved hair with you.Otherwise, hair transplant will be the last option for you.
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