7 Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website

You can spend all the time in the world crafting the perfect website, but if it receives no traffic, it’s pretty much useless. Developing a successful brand is the result of hard work both in creating a great product and website, and marketing it to your target audience. As more and more websites are created, it is getting increasingly difficult to get proper visibility on the web.

Additionally, with technology constantly growing leaps and bounds, marketing tactics used even two years ago end up seeming grossly outdated. You may be able to utilize some tried and true strategies, but to find true success you will have to get creative.

Here are 7 ways you can drive visitors back to your website.

7. Social media (& it’s newest features)

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There are so many articles out there about using social media to boost your brand, and rightfully so. Social media is a great tool that can effectively grow your audience, increase conversions, and more. However, at this point social media isn’t anything new. Remember years ago when the big thing was for a company to have a website? Now having a website is the most ordinary and expected thing in the world. The same is largely true for social media. Creating a Facebook page used to be a great way to set yourself apart from other brands, but now having a Facebook page is a simple necessity.

There’s good news, though!

What is so great about social media is how many opportunities there are to stand out. Not only are there various platforms, but also there are so many great features within each platform, with more being added all of the time. When thinking about how to best use it to drive attention back to your website, think beyond the basics of developing a presence on the big-name platforms and sharing content with your audience.

For example, instead of writing a blog post about a new product you are launching, use Facebook Live to broadcast the launch!

If you have a large following on Twitter, use Periscope to live stream to your audience on that platform. Create a Snapchat account and get creative with how you share news and info about your brand. If you really think about it, the possibilities are endless.

6. Long-tail keywords

The last several years have seen an incredible shift in how people search for things on the Internet. While typing your query into a search bar on Google (or some other search engine…anyone else remember Ask Jeeves?) on your computer used to be your only way to search for things online, today users are searching via mobile devices, wearable tech, GPS apps, and using voice commands to make it all happen. In particular, the rise of voice search has changed how our searches look.

Difference between searching via Keyboard and Voice (credit:https://searchenginewatch.com)

You might not think that the rise of voice search will impact your brand, but it will. It already is. When a person uses Google Voice or Siri to search for something, their actual query looks different. Specifically, people are searching for things by asking full sentences, instead of simply typing in a keyword. While you used to type into Google “Italian restaurants,” you are now asking Google “what is the best Italian restaurant in town?” For brands, long-tail keywords (such as ‘best Italian restaurant in town’) are becoming more important than old, single keywords (such as ‘Italian’ or ‘restaurant’).

In order to have people find your website by search, start researching and compiling a list of long-tail keywords relevant to your brand, and be sure to incorporate them into your website when relevant.

5. Influencer marketing

Paid advertising has been around for a long time, and while there is still a place for it in today’s marketing landscape, there are other ways to approach advertising that look a little different. Influencer marketing has seen a huge increase in the past several years and has become one of, if not the best, way to market products to a targeted audience. The great thing about the Internet and social media being so popular is that no matter what industry you are in, there will be influencers that you can partner with.

In order to get the best impact from your partnership, let the influencer you work with stay true to their own brand while creating a post or series of posts featuring your product. Consumers today are very cautious of advertising, and so it is best for the influencer to create content that is as organic as possible. With the right influencer you will see large increases to your website traffic, and hopefully, an increase in sales.

4. Email marketing

We send and receive over 205 billion emails each day. With that in mind, you are probably thinking that sending out an email newsletter is a complete waste of time. And while that may be true if you employ old email marketing techniques, there is still plenty of opportunity to make an impact via email. The truth still is that we use email each and every day, meaning you have the chance to get your brand in front of your customers using a very popular medium.

The challenge here is: how do you make your emails stand out from the hundreds of others your customers are receiving each and every day? While there is no one solid answer, there are plenty of new email advancements happening that can take your emails to the next level.

For starters, the higher the level of personalization you have, the better. Personalized subject lines in particular lead to a much higher open rate, close to 30% higher according to research conducted last year. Marketing in general is shifting towards a more personalized experience for all consumers, making it a top priority for brands wanting to stay ahead of the curve. As for the content of your emails, there are tons of new programs that are making it possible for your emails to have more advanced content then ever before. Whether that be GIFs, short videos, or other moving graphics, you can make your emails stand out.

Image credit: blog.hubspot.com & grubhub.com

In this example, GrubHub incorporates great visuals and GIFs to catch their users’ attention. Email has largely stayed the same for years, but is finally starting to catch up to other media platforms and become another interactive, visually pleasing platform you can use to connect with your audience.

3. Blogging

Producing great content will always be a solid way to drive visitors to your website, and a great way to show off this content is via a blog. Blogging became popular years ago, and has proven it is a platform that is here to stay. Now, creating relevant, unique content can become quite the challenge, especially if you are trying to produce several pieces of content each and every week. One option incorporates something we have already discussed, and that is reaching out to influencers. Guest posts are a great tool for increasing traffic to your website, and to keep your readers interested. If it’s possible, consider having a guest post each month, or possibly, each week. Publishing content consistently will help with drawing regular traffic, and will also boost your SEO, as web crawlers will come and index your site more often.

As always, great visual content will be key in taking your blogs to the next level. Take some time to develop the visuals, as well as the content, in order to provide a complete piece of content that people will want to read and share. You can read more here on some top blogging trends for 2016.

2. Videos

Image credit: https://facebook360.fb.com/learn/

Videos have become one of the best marketing tactics, and what’s great is, you can use them in so many different places! Use them in emails, on social media, in conjunction with product descriptions, on your blog- anywhere! Videos give your audience a more detailed look at your product and your brand, something that is especially great for e-commerce companies.

360-degree videos have very recently become the hottest trend in video, giving users an incredibly in-depth visual experience. These videos have an interactive feel, as a user is able to move their screen around in order to “look around” in the video. With large companies like Facebook and YouTube offering 360-degree viewing capabilities, you have no excuse to not try and incorporate this type of video into your marketing!

1. Web push notifications

Image Credit: Aimtell.com

Finally, installing web push notifications is one of the newest and most effective ways to drive visitors to your website. We recently wrote about what makes push notifications so great (read the full article here), and it is easy to see why web push notifications will become one of the best tools for brands to connect with their audience. Especially at this point, this feature is still incredibly new, meaning you have the chance to connect with your customers in a way that stands out.

Web push notifications are great for so many reasons, one of which being they are incredibly easy to set up. Users are prompted when they visit your site, click one button, and are set up. You now can send them push notifications which are delivered instantly to their desktop or mobile device.

That’s it! It really doesn’t get easier than that.

With Aimtell you can also segment users based on just about any factor you can think of. Target visitors who viewed specific products on your website, previously purchased a product, live in a certain area or a combination of all of these. You can even create automated/triggered notifications that go out after certain actions occur such as purchasing an item or abandoning a cart.

To learn more about web push notifications, or to get started using them on your site, visit https://aimtell.com/!