Standardized Testing

What role should standardized testing play in education? This is such a wide open question that has good battles for both the pros and cons on the role testing should have in education. I look at it as “best we have now” and until we are able to more accurately assess teachers and students, we have to use it. Teachers and students need to be held accountable for their teaching and learning and standardized testing should play a role along with other factors. Testing needs to be used with a tie in on some incentive for better self motivation. Some students just don’t care and need to understand the importance of their testing scores. This is where getting more efficient feedback on results could come into play where a student can see where they struggle and also excel. The feedback needs to be personal to help improve student growth. Once example is it could give job descriptions based on where the student scored well. This could peak student interest in standardized testing.

Teachers need to also have a better attitude about standardized testing because their actions will show up in their students and scores. If a teacher does what their suppose to throughout the year — integrity of the teacher — they’ll be fine. If they have an understanding of various teaching methods and ways to reach all learners whether high or low ability, they will be fine. Some teachers have a negative view on testing because it really exposes how bad of a teacher they are and they have plenty of excuses to back that up: kids are tested too much, outside factors beyond a teachers control, lack of sleep, family issues, etc. While this is true to an extent, this is also true in the “real world”. You need to come to work everyday and give it your best and not let other factors get in the way of what needs done.

Overall, I feel standardized testing should play a part in education, but not solely judging a teacher or student based on these scores. The feedback needs to be more personal on standardized tests, teachers need to show positivity towards what we have for now, and if a teacher does what they are suppose to do during the school year they should be fine regardless of a test score.

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